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Note (9/20/2016): I am transferring some articles from an old blog to this one so that you guys can see my earlier work. Remember, we all had to start somewhere: It was an epic night of proportions, well sort of. It’s that time of the year when wrestling fans across the world get excited for the Superbowl of professional wrestling. That’s right it was time for Wrestlemania 28 which was broad casted live from Sun Life Stadium in Miami, FL. This would be the fourth time that Wrestlemania was being held as an outdoor event. There was a huge buzz for two matches that night and it was the Triple H vs The Undertaker End of an Era match and the once in a lifetime The Rock Vs John Cena match. I had a feeling that most of the matches that were on the card were not going to live up the hype of those two matches. The night started off with an excellent rendition of America The Beautiful by Lillan Garcia.

The first match right out of the gate was between Challenger Sheamus vs World Heavyweight Champion Daniel Bryant. What a joke this match was as it ended in 18 seconds with Sheamus delivering a Brogue kick to Bryant after Bryant received a good luck kiss from his girlfriend. I thought this was in bad taste because Sheamus had won the Royal Rumble and tradition was that the championship match that featured the Royal Rumble winner’s match was always important. I guess not.

The second match that night was between the Viper Randy Orton vs the big red machine Kane. It was a very slow paced match and I wasn’t too impressed with the match. Randy tried his best to gain advantages against Kane, but Kane would prove to be too much for the Viper when Kane would deliver the choke slam to Orton from the middle rope.
In true Wrestlemania fashion, there was special appearances from celebrities like the promo featuring Mick Foley, Santino, and Deadliest Catch’s Captain Keith with Ron “Farooq” Simmons delivering his Signature DAMN at the end of the promo.

The thrid match was between Cody Rhodes and The Big Show and it was for the intercontinental title. For weeks now, Cody had been running promos that were making fun of all the bad moments that the Big Show had at past Wrestlemanias. Would the Big Show finally get his Wrestlemania moment or would Cody provide another embarassing moment for the Big Show. The definite height and weight advantage was obvious from the beginning as the Big Show stands at seven feet and weighs 441lbs to Cody Rhodes who is 6 feet and some change and only weighs 215lbs. The Big Show had the advantage for most of the beginning of the match until Cody started attacking the knees. All of the attacks wouldn’t prove enough for Cody to win as the Big Show would land his weapon of mass destruction as he knocked out Cody for the win.

The fourth match is what I consider time for a cigarette break. I just do not have respect for WWE Divas and have not since Trish Stratus left. They are just glorified super models that are made into wrestlers. The match involved Kelly Kelly teaming up with Extra’s Maria Menounous (who looked very hot) going up against the glamazon Beth Phoenix and Eve (who would have two Wrestlemania moments on this night). The rumor had it that Maria was battling with hurt ribs and stress fractures in her feet due to Dancing With The Stars. This was one of my least favorite matches of the night as Maria and Kelly Kelly won the match.

The announcement than came that in all the years that Sun Life Stadium has been up that they broke the attendance record with 78,363 people attending Wrestlemania. That is an incredible number because the crowd would be in for a treat with the next match of the night.

This would definitely be the Match Of The Night for me as it was the end of an era match between the game Triple H getting a second chance to end the streak of his Opponent The Undertaker with Shawn Michaels as the special guest referee. The match was different from last years encounter because the Undertaker dominated most of the match until he was given a spine buster on top of the steps. I than began to think that I was going to get a repeat of last years match when the Undertaker placed Triple H in the Hells gate until Triple H slammed the Undertaker on the mat to get out of it. That is when Triple H began sadistically beating the life out of the Undertaker with the steel chair. HBK would begin to start pleading with Triple H to stop the punishment with Triple H replying to Shawn to ring the bell. Shawn even begged the Undertaker to give up, but the Undertaker refused and attacked Shawn. He would eventually attack referee Charles Robinson who came down while HBK was hurt. The Undertaker was a true warrior that night because he kept refusing to give up despite receiving the Super kick and the Pedigree. He kept kicking out! He would eventually start delivering the pain to the Triple H despite Triple H being defiant as well. Triple H in the end told the Undertaker to suck it, but the Undertaker put him out of his misery and won the match to keep the streak going at 20-0. The best part of the match was truly the end as The Undertaker and HBK embraced and they even helped Triple H to the back as the three showed that they had a lot of respect for each other as the end of an era was truly upon us.

The next match of the night was OK at best. It was the match to decide who was going to have overall control of RAW and Smackdown. Would Team Johnny win it or would it be Team Teddy. I thought the match was okay, it featured Kofi Kingston, Santino, Zack Ryder, Booker T, R-Truth, and The Great Khali representing Team Teddy and David Otunga, The Miz, Mark Henry, Jack Swagger, Dolph Ziggler, and Drew McIntyre representing team Johnny. There was some great action, but in the end Eve ended up getting her Wrestlemania moment by screwing Zach Ryder out of a great moment.

The WWE Championship match between Champion CM Punk going up against Y2J Chris Jericho was the next match of the night. Before the match started, John Laurinatis told Punk that if he lost his temper and was disqualified, he would lose his title. This was actually a pretty decent match in which it was back and forth. Although, Jericho was trying to make Punk lose his cool as he was constantly assaulting Punk’s family. It didn’t work and the two actually had to wrestle. Jericho would come close to defeating Punk after several attempts at a submission win with the walls of Jericho, but it would be CM Punk who get the last laugh with his submission win after applying the anaconda vice.

Before the last match of the night, we were able to see two different performances for the main event as MGK performed his track Invincible and then stopping the song to make a bold statement that John Cena was the underdog and was going to win. Cena would proceed to come down to the ring after the performance. Flo Rida was up next as he performed his hits Good Feeling and Wild Ones and then the great one, the Rock made his entrance to the sold out Wrestlemania crowd.

The last match of the night was dubbed Once In A Lifetime and it did not disappoint as Cena and the Rock battled back and forth. Cena would gain the upper hand for most of the match as it appeared the Rock had injured his ribs after Cena dropped him on the security wall. Both wrestlers tried to mock each other later on as Rock tried to mock Cena’s version of the U Can’t C Me five knuckle shuffle only to face the wrath of Cena. Cena would unsuccessfully deliever two attitude adjustments and would even fail to have the Rock tap out to the STFU. It wasn’t until Cena tried to mock the Rock as he attempted to drop the people’s elbow that The Rock rose up and gave Cena the rock bottom to win the match. This was a match that John Cena needed to win to validate his career, but he failed to do so. I give him a lot of credit even though the crowd was hammering Cena with the boo’s and the chants of “Cena Sucks.”

Overall, I have to give Wrestlemania 28 a B- and I give it that because only three matches in the whole night made the experience of watching the event worth it. Maybe, I hold this event to a high regard because I remember ritualistically watching Wrestlemania as a child to my teens. Did the Rock Vs John Cena match live up the hype of The Rock Vs Hulk Hogan? I thought it was a good match, but not better than that Wrestlemania moment.