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images-5Note (9/20/2016): I am transferring some articles from an old blog to this one so that you guys can see my earlier work. Remember, we all had to start somewhere. So, it’s the one time of the year that the WWE forgets about the rules and goes extreme. The big and most anticipated match of the night is between John Cena, who is trying to bounce back from his Wrestlemania loss to go against Brock Lesnar, who will fight for the first time in 8 years in Chicago.

The first match of the night was the Wrestlemania 28 rematch between “The Viper” Randy Orton going up against the “Big Red Machine” Kane in a falls count anywhere match. I thought the match wasn’t very exciting and it almost seemed like a repeat of Wrestlemania for the exception that they were trying to beat themselves senseless in the back. Randy Orton would end up winning the match after he nailed Kane with a RKO on a steel chair.

The second match was sort of a useless match as we saw “The Showoff” Dolph Ziggler go up against the “Funkosaurus” Broadus Clay. Despite Dolph’s attempts to try and win the match, Broadus would lower the head to hit Ziggler in the chest. And of course, Clay gets the pin fall victory.

The next match would also end up being another unexciting match courtesy of the WWE as the Big Show went up against Cody Rhodes in a Tables Match for the Big Show’s Intercontinental Title. Of course, Cody was attempting to try and beat The Big Show, but of course size dominated over all. What was shocking about the match was the way Cody Rhodes won the match. He was thrown into the ring and as the Big Show attempted to enter the ring by climbing on top of a table, Cody Rhodes landed a drop kick that sent the leg of the Big Show right through. So by technicality, Cody Rhodes was awarded the Intercontinental Title. The Big Show was a sour sport after the match and he proceeded to choke slam Cody through the table in the ring and outside of the ring.

The next match of the night brought the excitement back as Sheamus was defending his World Heavyweight Title against the man he beat in 18 seconds at Wrestlemania, Daniel Bryant in a best two out of three falls match. What a brutal match leading up the first fall as Bryant was bringing the pain to Sheamus as he constantly worked on Sheamus’s shoulder. Then, there was a moment in the match that maybe you thought Bryant had lost it as he kept kicking Sheamus in the shoulder and it ended up getting Bryant disqualified earning Sheamus the first fall. It wouldn’t take Bryant very long to earn the second fall as he placed Sheamus immediately in the Yes Lock for the second fall. Despite all of the punishment suffered throughout the whole match, Sheamus would end up hitting the Brogue kick for the third and final fall.

I am not going to report the match with the Goldberg wanna be Ryback cause it was absolutely pointless and pathetic.

The next match has definitely raised the bar that night as CM Punk defended his WWE Championship against the most annoying wrestler in the world Chris Jericho in a Chicago Street Fight. There was a lot on the line for CM Punk as Jericho had been terrorizing him with his vicious attacks on Punks family name and stooping to all time lows. I have to give both wrestlers credit because they brought their A game as they were slamming each other in the outside of the ring, inside the ring, hitting each other with chairs, ken do sticks, the broadcast announce tables, and more. Some of my favorite moments in the match involved CM Punk grabbing a fire extinguisher while he was in the walls of Jericho and hitting Jericho with it.  The other moment involved CM Punk dropping the elbow from the top rope to Jericho, who was laying on the announce table. CM Punk would counter out of his own finisher that Jericho would attempt to execute and he would end up delivering the GTS to retain his title. Thank God Punk won!!!

The Divas Championship match was next and Beth Phoenix was not allowed to wrestle. So, who would end up wrestling Nikki Bella, it would be Layla who was returning to wrestle for the first time since the previous Extreme Rules PPV. I do not pay attention to Divas matches for their lack of technical skills and excitement, but Layla would win the title after Nikki’s twin magic plan would fail and Brie was pinned for the loss.

The last match of the night featured the return of Brock Lesnar going up against John Cena in a extreme rules match. The match started off as I had expected and that was Brock was dominating the match by viciously attacking Cena through out the whole entire match. He busted Cena open early to the point where the referee had to stop the fight to check on Cena’s cut. The way Lesnar was attacking him had me believing that this was a real fight. John Cena would end up delivering the attitude adjustment to Lesnar on top of the steps that were brought to the middle of the ring by Lesnar. John Cena would get the 1-2-3 on Lesnar and he was victorious.

I have to give Cena a lot of credit and it’s because of what he had said after the match that made him re-earn my respect for him. Cena said (and I am paraphrasing) that he was supposed to bring the extreme tonight and whether he was going to be sent home or on vacation, that he was happy he could do it in front of the fans in Chicago. I think Cena is going to be on a long vacation as he may have some torn ligaments in his arm from the match with Lesnar. We will see what the consequences of losing this match is going to be for Lesnar tomorrow night on Raw.