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Mr X Top 5Every week I am going to give you my top 5 wrestler’s of the week based on their performances all week in the WWE. Think of this like Booker T’s Fav 5 where we rank the guys we believe are the assets of the company or the driving force of the company. You have to do something pretty special or blow our minds in the ring with the mic or your wrestling skills every week. Here is the top 5:

5. Rusev- It’s unfortunate that he didn’t wrestle tonight especially since they are trying to build up a match with Mark Henry. Rusev is bringing back that old 80’s PG era thing with Russia and if you hate him, then he has obviously done his job well. Not to mention having Lana around is a plus. 

4. The Miz- I’m sorry, but I was a huge fan of The Miz back when he was originally a heel because he cut some of the most amazing promos then and I feel like the old Miz is back. The Miz and Dolph are doing their best to pump up the IC title which is much deserved cause that always was a platform title back in the day. 

3. Roman Reigns- I am still a believer that Reigns can do some amazing things in the company in the future and he is exciting to watch. Yeah, Randy Orton carried him at Summerslam, but Reigns is going to be doing some amazing things in the future. 

2. Bray Wyatt- I am a little perturbed as to why the most exciting man in wrestling is not getting a bigger push already. Bray has obviously won the crowd over and he’s won me over especially if you can do the spider walk. This man should be contending for titles right now. 

1. Randy Orton- Are you surprised I made him number one cause if you are, I don’t know why. The man is still one of the best talents in the ring and always has been. You can complain all you want about him, but his ring psychology is amazing in my book. That is why he is number one this week.