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rawIt’s the season premiere (which I had no idea, they went by seasons) of Monday Night Raw and they kicked it off in style with a Cage match between Bray Wyatt and Chris Jericho. The match was a rematch of their Summerslam clash and it promised to be a good one. The match went back and forth with each competitor trying to gain an advantage over the other, but it seemed that every time Bray would gain an advantage in the beginning, he would squander it by wasting too much time. As we were about to approach the first commercial break, Bray was firmly in control as he used the steel cage to his advantage. When we came back from the break, Bray would lose the advantage and we would get our first holy sh** moment of the match that saw Jericho perform a cross body from the very top of the steel cage. That move cost Jericho big time as he tweaked his knee when he landed. Bray took advantage of it and he escaped the cage for the win. After the match, he continued his attack on Jericho as he finished it off with a Sister Abigail. 

Before the next commercial break, we see Corporate Kane and Seth Rollins hanging in the back gloating about how amazing the first match was when they are joined by Triple H who also acknowledges that Kane did an amazing job setting up that match for the season premiere. Then they are interrupted by Randy Orton, who asks Triple H for permission to do something very drastic that will top anything done in the first match or in the past. Triple H gives Randy his blessing. 

Instagram: WWE

Instagram: WWE

When we come back, Dolph Ziggler, the intercontinental champion, is in the ring for a promo. He begins to talk about how in the past week, a lot of celebrities phones were hacked and their photos were taken and broadcasted all over the web. After that, he claims to have pics of The Miz and he shos us two of them which were kind of funny. Before he could show the third and final pic, The Miz and his body double Damien Mizdow (Sandow) came out tyhe ring to stop him from doing it, byut Dolph showed the pic anyways which was Sandow spray tanning a naked Miz. Mizdow would then try to attack Ziggler, but Ziggler was way ahead of him nailing the body double with a zig zag. Dolph will defend his title against The Miz at Night Of Champions. 

The next match was a Divas tag match that saw Natayla and Rosa Mendez go against Divas champion Paige and AJ Lee. The match was decent when Paige and Natayla were in the ring, but as soon as Rosa Mendez was tagged in, it turned into a stink fest that ended with AJ slapping on the black widow for the win. Before we went in to a commercial break, we saw Chris Jericho in the trainers office getting his knee checked out when he was attacked by Randy Orton with Orton apologizing saying that it was the season premiere. 

The next segment featured one of the greatest managers of this generation and one of the best men to deliver a promo in Paul Heyman, the advocate for Brock Lesnar. Before he could really spill any beans out in the ring, he was joined by John Cena. Paul would proceed to tell Cena that he had a way for Cena to win the match at Night Of Champions and it was simple. All Cena had to do was feed into the demons and denounce the fans. Cena then went off in a good promo talking about how he enjoys doing what he does for the fans who care and he told Heyman to bring Brock Lesnar otherwise he would fight Paul Heyman on next week’s raw. 

The next match on Raw was between United States champion Sheamus taking on Money In The Bank winner Seth Rollins. Throughout the beginning of the match, Sheamus was in full control of the match until Antonio Cesaro came out for closer look. Seth would have control of the match for a little bit, but Sheamus was just too good as he retook control of the match. That was until Cesaro distracted him by grabbing his belt that allowed Seth to hit the curb stomp to Sheamus for the win. After the match, Cesaro hit the neutralizer to a hurt Sheamus. 

When we came back from Commercial break, they were showing highlights of what had happened in the past couple of weeks between Rusev and Mark Henry. Lana and Rusev would come out and Lana would proceed to butcher the national anthem of the USA. I wonder if Vladimir Putin watches Raw? We were then given a preview of the NXT event NXT Takeover which airs live this Thursday only on the Network which is available for only $9.99. One of the things I can’t wait for is the debut of newly acquired WWE Talent Kenta, he is the Japanese CM Punk. 

The next match featured all four men who will be competing in a fatal four way match this Thursday as Adrian Neville teamed with Sami Zayn to take on Tyson Kidd and Tyler Breeze. Kidd and Breeze were clearly in control of the match in the beginning as they dominated Sami Zayn with frequent tags and some pummeling moves. That was until Zayn was able to tag in the NXT champion and hybrid athlete who dazzled fans with some amazing moves that I had never seen done before. He would win the match when he nailed Tyler Breeze with some incredible move from the top rope which I believe is called the Imploding 450 splash. It was insane. 

The next segment on the show was the Jerry Springer session between the Bella twins and I have to say what a crap fest. This was the worst segment on Raw with two of the worst actors in the WWE, Nikki and Brie Bella. I was thanking God when it was over. A total snooze fest for the total divas. 

Right after that awful segment, we were treated to yet another tag match between Goldust & Stardust who took on Los Matadores. The match was very quick and it just further showcased the fact that the Dust brothers were more willing to bend the rules now in order to win a match in which they did. While the match was going on The USOS had cut a promo basically telling the Dust brothers they were going to get their revenge and they sort of did at the end of the match. While the Dust Brothers were celebrating at the top of the ramp, they were attacked from behind by The USOS. After this, the WWE aired a promo for the John Cena/Brock Lesnar match at Night Of Champions. 

The last match of the night was the rematch of the Summerslam match that I felt Randy Orton carried on his shoulders. Orton was taking on Roman Reigns and he promised something special for Reigns for the night. The Roman Empire schtick is certainly catching on with the WWE Universe, so how would he fair tonight. For the most part Orton dominated the match, cutting off Reigns anytime it looked like Reigns was going to get ahead. Eventually, Randy would try for the RKO, but he received a Superman punch for all his troubles. After that, Randy called for his goons and sure enough Rollins and Kane would come to ringside along with some men in black. They attacked Reigns while the men in black brought down the steel cage, but it backfired as Reigns was able to eliminate Kane and Rollins before the steel cage was completely down leaving himself and Orton in the cage with a steel chair. But Reigns wouldn’t have his day as he was beaten by all three men eventually suffering a curb stomp on to the steel chair. Reigns won the match by DQ, but I’m sure this isn’t over yet. It was a decent night, but I could have done without Jerry Springer.