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download (3)WWE Countdown is an exclusive show on the WWE Network that has the WWE Universe vote on what they think is the top 10 of anything from finishers, catch phrases, and this week’s countdown which was general managers. This week’s show featured commentary from Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose, Adam Rose, Big E Langston, Santino Marella, and so many more. Again, the fans voted and here is the list of top 10 general managers:

10. John Laurinaitis- this in my opinion was the worst GM that the WWE ever had period. 

9. William Regal- He was a decent General Manager, but I had become disassociated with Raw at this point in 2007. 

8. Stephanie McMahon- Listen for the most part I didn’t mind having her around because she was hot after all. 

7. Anonymous GM- For all the dumb activity that was going on during this time, it was kind of funny to watch and Michael Cole was able to step out of the shadow of Jim Ross to become the heel announcer. 

6. Paul Heyman- The king of extreme ruled at a time that I also didn’t watch, so I have no comment, but if you need to learn how to cut promos this is the guy to learn from. 

5. Stone Cold Steve Austin- He is by far one of my all time favorite wrestlers and his relationship with Bischoff was priceless. 

4. Teddy Long- I was never a fan of Teddy Long or Smackdown back in the day so I avoided this show. 

3. Eric Bischoff- Eric deserves a lot more credit than this in my opinion. The man invented the Elimination Chamber and the Raw Roulette wheel which is still used today. 

2. Vicky Guerrero- Vicky is famous for her screeching voice saying that annoying Excuse Me catchphrase. I did how ever enjoy the time of the cougar GM. 

1. Mick Foley- I love Mick Foley and all the comedy he brought to the table, but I still feel Bischoff deserved this spot.