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mnw nwoI’ve been trying to catch up with most informative documentary style show on the WWE Network called the Monday Night Wars. It’s a show that follows the build up, the battle, and the aftermath of the Monday Night Wars that pinned WCW vs the WWE back in the mid nineties. We already saw on the first episode that WCW was starting to catch some momentum on the WWE whose RAW show on Mondays had started to become stale. Despite WCW’s efforts at the time to thwart viewers away from the WWE by giving away results considering RAW was taped, made the WWE go into panic mode a little bit with the company running with the new generation instead of the old has beens that WCW had stole away. WCW needed to do something in order to try and continue their efforts to crush the WWE. Eric Bischoff went to work and he crafted what would start as the biggest advantage against the WWE, but as history has it, it definitely backfired.

NWOEric had noticed that the WWE was still using gimmicks when it came to their wrestlers and that his wrestlers in WCW were too old for the audience and the new guys were appealing. So, Eric decided that his wrestling story lines were going to be more reality based and that wrestlers would use their real names instead of gimmicks. Eric also found out that Kevin Nash and Scott Hall’s contracts were coming to an end and so he pounced on the opportunity. He called Scott Hall and told him that they would pay him over 1 million to only work 150 days a year as compared to the money they were receiving in the WWE to work 300 days. So, naturally they went to WCW and the best thing is that they fooled the crowd. This was before blogs like mine and so people had no idea that their contract was up and they thought that Hall & Nash who were still talking like their gimmicks Diesel (Nash) and Razor Ramone (Hall). So, they thought that Hall & Nash were invading WCW and that spiked the ratings for WCW who would begin to start dominating the ratings war. They talk about the moment when Hogan went heel and the impact it had on the business with commentary from all your favorites leading up to the point when they were about to say the WWE bounced back with DX. Check it out on the WWE Network which is only $9.99 before McMahon decides to end the WWE Network for good online.