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stinger splashInto the vault is a new segment on this blog that is basically like the classic match of the day/week where we look at a match from the past. The very first one I wanted to be special and since we looked at the rise of the NWO for Monday Night Wars, I wanted to bring to you the match that changed Sports Entertainment. For weeks and weeks, The Outsiders (Scott Hall & Kevin Nash) had been haunting WCW and they had been screwing things up for the company. So for Bash At The Beach 96 at The Ocean Centre in Daytona Beach, Florida Sting, Macho Man Randy Savage, and Lex Luger challenged Hall & Nash and their third mystery member that they had been teasing for weeks was going to appear in a six man tag match. I remember watching this match live back in the day and thinking who was the third member of the team considering The Outsiders came to the ring alone. I kept thinking, is there a third member and who could it possibly be? The match started without the mystery man and almost immediately, Lex Luger was knocked out of the match due to a stinger splash that Sting hit on Kevin Nash. The only problem was that Nash had a hold of Luger at the time when the splash happened. So, the match then became a two on two match when evened the odds for The Outsiders.

Hogan Leg DropThe Outsiders would dominate most of the match never really giving Sting or the Macho Man the advantage. If looked like Sting (who was in the ring the most) was going to have an advantage, The Outsiders were quick to shoot it down. After Sting started fighting his way back into the match connecting with rights and lefts to Nash, he was able to tag in the Macho Man who was the fresh man. Macho instantly started to clean house delivering elbows from the top rope to Hall & Nash. Nash was able to temporarily stop the Macho Man with a low blow that the referee didn’t catch. And that is when it all happened as Hulk Hogan started t make his way down to the ring with Bobby “The Brain” Heenan accurately asking, “Yeah, but whose side is he on?” The Outsiders clear the ring and that is when drops the leg drop heard around the world. He drops it on the Macho Man as he reveals that he is third member of what he will declare after the match is the NWO (New World Order). History would change from that point on as we watched the crowd throw trash into the ring at their disgust over what Hogan had done.