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MR X Beats Kayne WestI know this isn’t wrestling related, but as a human being I am sick and tired of The Narcissist Kayne West. He is an over-privileged rich kid from wherever that has to be taught a lesson in manners. I am sick and tired of all the antics that he pulls wherever he goes. This guy is a class A piece of crap that picks on the wrong people. According to a report, he stopped a concert in Australia because a couple of fans wouldn’t stand up when he asked everyone. Little did he know that the fans were in fact in a wheelchair. It was only till after that he could confirm they were that he decided to continue on. Who the hell cares if two people don’t want to stand up during your concert anyways. They paid the money so it makes it their choice. Does it even matter that they are in a wheelchair in the first place? You have to stop your concert just to confirm that. I am sick and tired of reading about this guy in the headlines that Mr. X is challenging this loser to a wrestling match. You name the time and place chump and Mr. X will be there waiting to knock you out like his mama said.