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ecwFor today’s Into The Vault match, I was inspired by an episode of Monday Night Wars that featured ECW in the episode. Paul Heyman (or Paul E Dangerously as he was known then) and his wrestlers changed the way professional wrestling was done back in the attitude era. They were the originators of Hardcore and because of them the WWE and WCW followed suit. I wanted to explore the very last PPV that ECW had as a company with the very last main event that featured rivals Rob Van Dam taking on Jerry Lynn at Barely Legal 2001. We all thought before the match started that it was going to be Rob Van Dam taking on ECW Heavyweight Champion Rhyno, but Jerry Lynn attacked him from behind stealing the main event spot. The match started with Lynn dominating, but then it turned into what we all expected it to be, a high flying match showing off each wrestler’s agility and expertise in the ring.

ecw 2After a couple of minutes of them showing off and one getting advice from a manager, they finally started to get the match going again. Jerry Lynn and RVD were always topping what the other was doing whether it was inside the ring or out. RVD was able to once again take a break to showboat after hitting a corkscrew guillotine leg drop over Jerry Lynn who was dangling over the security wall. With Jerry Lynn back in the ring, RVD continued to hit some impressive moonsaults and other high flying moves like he was challenging Jerry Lynn to top that. Then Jerry Lynn did just that as he took his opening with an impressive clothesline to RVD who was in the middle of the rolling thunder. Then Jerry Lynn was on the offensive giving everything he had to RVD whether it was body slamming him on the exposed concrete or getting away with a low blow without the ref seeing it. Anytime it seemed like RVD was starting to create any oppurtunities, Either Lynn or Cyrus (Lynns’s Manager) was there to end that. Then out of nowhere Joel Gertner came to ringside to even things up as he attacked Cyrus and held the chair to Jerry Lynn’s face while RVD performed the Van Terminator. After that, RVD pinned Jerry Lynn for the win in what would be the last PPV as the company would file for bankruptcy two months later.

ecw 3