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We are less then one week away from Night Of Champions and one week away from the biggest rematch of the year between WWE World Heavyweight Champion Brock Lesnar defend his title against John Cena. So to kick off Raw, Paul Heyman was in the center of the ring delivering a promo about how Brock was going to destroy John Cena until Cena joined him in the ring. Cena reminded Heyman that he came to Raw to fight someone and Heyman fooled Cena. Heyman made Cena believe that Brock was in the house, but Heyman told everyone that he had a plane delay. Cena would then tell Paul that he had 80 minutes to produce Brock Lesnar for a fight in Cajun Country. Then he grabbed Paul in a headlock outside of the ring and told Paul that he didn’t trust him and he followed him to the back.

photo (1)Before the commercial break, we found out that Chris Jericho was going to be in action as he made his way down to the ring against Corporate Kane. Before we got back to the match, we saw that The Great Khali was hired by John Cena to not allow Heyman out of his dressing room. The match for the most part was pretty even as both men were trading advantages throughout the beginning of the match. As we were going to commercial break once again, Kane was able to create some separation by throwing Chris to the outside. When we came back from commercial break, Kane was still in control. After Kane tried to perform a high risk maneuver from the top rope, Chris was able to take control delivering some rights and lefts, axe handle smash, but Kane never gave up. At one point in the match, Kane removed the turnbuckle to try and use it against Jericho, but in the end it ended up back firing on Kane as he hit it head first and Jericho proceeded to roll up Kane for the win.

After we came back from commercial, we found out that Smackdown was the number one rated show beating every major network on Fridays for 15 straight weeks. Then we saw what happened on last Fridays Smackdown during the arm wrestling contest between Rusev and Mark Henry setting up what mark Henry was going to do tonight as he rallies America. Then Roman Reigns cut a promo basically telling Seth that he was going to continuously punch him in the mouth until his knuckles bled. Then the man that let down America Jack Swagger made his way down the ramp to face Bo Dallas. During the match, Bo Dallas for the most part was in complete control always cutting off any chances that Swagger tried to create. Eventually towards the end of the match, Bo tried to go for a roll up pin, but Swagger kicked out and countered it with the patriot lock as we all watched Bo tapped out.

Instagram: WWE

Instagram: WWE

In what I thought would be an uneventful Divas tag match that featured AJ Lee & Brie Bella taking on Divas champion Paige & Nikki Bella. it looked like Nikki was going to start the match against Brie, but Nikki would quickly tag in Paige who dominated that match. At one point, Brie created some separation and was about to tag in AJ, but Nikki pulled AJ off the apron allowing Paige to hit the rampage on Brie for the win. We then were treated to a promo from Bray Wyatt as we found out that he was going to take on The Big Show next on Raw.

Before we got into our next match, Paul Heyman tried to plead with The Great Khali to make a phone call, but Khali broke his phone and threw him back in the ring. It looked like The Big Show was going to use his size to his advantage, but Bray was willing to put his body on the line to get the bug man down. Bray for the most part dominated the match, but The Big Show couldn’t be held down for long. The big Show eventually had Bray down and as he went for the pin, Luke Harper jumped in an hit The Big Show causing the match to come to an end. Both Rowan and Harper were in the ring trying to manhandle The Big Show, but not for long. The big Show would do the unthinkable as he delivered a double clothesline to Harper and Rowan. The Big Show won the match by DQ.

photo (2)The USOS were in the next match as they teamed up with United States Champion Sheamus to take on The Dust Brothers (Goldust & Stardust) and Antonio Cesaro. Sheamus started off the match with Goldust and of course he dominated the match with some power moves, but right when he tagged in Jimmy Uso that is when it all went downhill for the team. The Dust Brothers & Cesaro dominated Jimmy Uso for a long time, but eventually they couldn’t hold him for long as Jimmy was finally able to make the tag to Sheamus who cleaned house. Stardust was the unlucky one in the ring who had to face the wrath of Sheamus, but right before he went for the brogue kick, Cesaro tagged Stardust making him the legal man. After Sheamus hit the brogue kick, Cesaro hit Sheamus with a neutralizer, but Jay Uso saved the day. Sheamus tagged in Jimmy Uso who would hit Goldust with a superkick. He would tag in Jay who would hit a big splash from the top rope onto Cesaro for the win.

The next segment in the show was the one we were all waiting for the whole entire night. Was Brock Lesnar going to show and save Paul Heyman or would Heyman fall victim to Cena? Paul Heyman is the master of promos as he tried to turn the situation around on Cena. He told Cena that he wanted him to hit him to let the beast or bully out of Cena, but Heyman claimed that he couldn’t do it because Cena couldn’t be a bully. Cena of course agreed in a very mild mannered way and started to leave the ring when Heyman made a comment about his mother and that is when Cena turned around and he pushed Heyman out of the ring. Then out of nowhere, Brocks music came on and the beast made his way down to ringside. Lesnar didn’t go after Cena right away, but he chose to play mind games. After a couple of minutes of Brock getting closer the ring followed by him walking away, he finally entered the ring and the two went at it with Brock hitting a German Suplex. It looked like things were not going to go Cena’s way until Cena got up and attacked Lesnar. The two were eventually separated by security, but Cena looked pumped for a fight.

The rest of the night didn’t matter much to me after this, but if you want the results on that, check out this other cool blog here.