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punkThis was definitely one of my favorite WWE superstar related documentaries that was released. I ran out to the store to purposely purchase this DVD because I was a CM Punk fan since his first day in the WWE. This is the documentary about CM Punk and it chronicles his start in wrestling all the way to the pipe bomb moment before that famous Money In The Bank match against John Cena in Chicago. The documentary features commentary from independent wrestling legends like Colt Cabana and Chris Hero as well as WWE stars and alum like Kofi Kingston, The Miz, Joey Mercury, Daniel Bryan, Curt Hawkins, Triple H, Michael Hayes, Paul Heyman, Jim Ross, William Regal, and even punk rocker Lars Frederiksen from Rancid. The doc also features great footage from his past as well as interviews with family members and CM Punk takes on a trip behind the scenes on his tour bus and more.

punk 4That was always one of my favorite moments of the DVD was the behind the scenes footage backstage or on the tour bus. He kind of gives us great insight into who he is and where he came from in this DVD that are vital to understanding the evolution of CM Punk. This was a guy that was clearly the best wrestler in the company and he was getting the shaft for a long time. The doc features great match footage from his independent days against the likes of Raven, Hero, Cabana, and Samoa Joe as well s footage from his days in OVW. Punk was even able to wrestle the late Eddie Guerrero which we find out in the doc. We also hear about all of his frustrations in the WWE with certain angles and him just feeling left out in the cold. This is definitely a must watch for any CM Punk that has not yet checked this out. I am giving it 4.5 stars out of five for a final grade.