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1I honestly thought at the end of the John Cena vs Brock Lesnar match that my prediction was going to come true. I had told a lot of my friends that Seth Rollins was going to cash in on the winner of the main event. Well, it almost came true as Seth interfered in the match hitting Cena before Brock could tap out to the STF. Unfortunately, after Seth hit Brock with the Curb Stomp, Cena stopped Rollins from cashing in. Brock holds on to the title even though Cena won by DQ. I thought the match for a while was going to be a repeat of Summerslam, but Cena hung in there even though he was getting his but whooped for most of the match. All of the matches were great in my opinion except for the Ziggler/Miz match which I thought could have been a little better. I mean they needed the guys from that country band Florida Georgia Line to make the match exciting. I really wish they had let Dean Ambrose (who officially returned) fight Seth Rollins instead of breaking it up and taking him to the back while he was hogtied. Dean is the best thing going from The Shield break up and the crowd seems to agree with that. My other issue is that you should have known that Rusev was going to defeat Mark Henry at Night Of Champions. You can’t build up a guy like what they’ve been doing with Rusev to have him lose to an aging Mark Henry. Also, the ending to the Randy Orton/Chris Jericho match was too predictable. Overall, it was a really good night and so I am giving the event a B+ for a final grade. By the way, I went 6-1 on my predictions tonight, check out the results and some pics from the event below:

The Dust Brothers (Goldust & Stardust) defeat The USOS

The Miz Defeats Dolph Ziggler

Sheamus Defeats Cesaro

Rusev defeats Mark Henry

Seth Rollins defeats Roman Reigns by Forfeit

AJ Lee wins the Divas title

Randy Orton defeats Chris Jericho

John Cena defeats Brock Lesnar by DQ

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