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devittFor today’s Into The Vault match, I am looking to showcase what will hopefully be the future of the WWE as Prince Devitt makes his way to NXT. I went on to Youtube and I caught a match with him from Wrestling.IE where he took on Japanese superstar Kota Ibushi in what looked to be a promising match. It seems that New Japan Pro Wrestling is where all the exciting action is these days. One of the things you’ll notice besides the insane air brush art that Prince Devitt has on his body is that Luke Gallows (Drew Hankinson) is in Prince Devitt’s corner along with some other wrestlers, but Devitt’s entrance to the ring is very reminiscent of The Undertaker with the casket, etc. As for the wrestling part both men are so capable of high flying maneuvers that they showed them off in the beginning of the match with Kota getting the best of Devitt with an amazing dropkick that had some height to it. Devitt after a little while wasn’t getting his way in the match so he distracted the referee which allowed Gallows and his posse to put the beat down on Ibushi.

devitt 2After this, Devitt has the advantage and he holds on to as he tries to decimate Kota. Kota eventually tried to create some separation, but he was met with a lethal chop that sent him flying to the outside where he was fed to the lions. Then out of nowhere one of the guys on the outside picks up Kota to deliver a power bomb, but when he does he drops on the edge of the ring. In the blink of an eye, Kota is able to create some separation and he manages to fend off all of Devitts cronies with an amazing springboard flip off the top rope to the outside. A couple of the cronies look like they could have been in MNM (Mercury, Nitro, Melina), but I doubt it. Kota on his advantage is all about speed and flips especially springboard flips which he executes, but when he goes for the cover it isn’t enough to win as Devitt kicks out at two. Unfortunately like most of the match, Devitt’s corner was quick to kill whatever momentum Kota was building up until the referee and officials got involved kicking everyone out from ringside. For the rest of the match they traded jabs and it seemed that they were trying to out due each other, but in the end Kota nailed a 450 splash  for the win. To watch the match yourself, just click here.