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brockA lot of fans and various media outlets in the world raised concern over an image of current WWE World Heavyweight Champion Brock Lesnar at Night Of Champions. Fans had noticed as they always do that when the big 300 pound Brock Lesnar wrestles, he sweats profusely and turns different shades of purple. Yahoo Sports, The Washington Post (which garnered attention from the WWE), and PW Insider all ran articles on the issue. The WWE recently responded to the Washington Post denying any medical concerns over Brock stating in the statement the Post posted, “Concerned fans are getting worked up for nothing, however, WWE officials say. Via an e-mailed statement to The Washington Post, the WWE contends, there is “no truth to the rumors about issues with Brock Lesnar’s health.” The company did not offer an alternative explanation as to why Lesnar did not appear.” PW Insider stated the obvious response that all true wrestling fans know about Brock and that is he wasn’t scheduled to appear on Raw due to the contract that he signed that states he only has to appear at a certain amount of events. Apparently, we still do not know whether the mammoth beast will or will not appear at WWE’s next pay-per-view Hell In A Cell. So, the overall message is stop worrying about Brock and his purple face.