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wfjFor this edition of Wrestling Docs, I wanted to look for a documentary that was made by a group other than the WWE. So, I explored all of the titles on Netflix and I came across Wrestling For Jesus: The T-Money Story and I thought to myself, “why the heck not?” The documentary looks at an organization that through the art of professional wrestling spreads the word of the church. The documentary really takes a close look at T-Money (Timothy Blackmon) and his up and down struggle with life and the road that it took him. The documentary also features commentary from Matt Cruz, Nick Phoenix, Bulldog, Timothy’s ex-wife Jessica, girlfriend Shelly, and some guys from rival company TWF (Throne Of Anguish Wrestling Federation) and no I am not making this up.

martyFirst of all, Marty Jannetty has wrestled in the WFJ and it will show him in this documentary and if you look at the picture to the left of this paragraph that is him kneeling down. I know next the title, it says that this was released in 2011, but the majority of this film was filmed in 2007 and 2008 so I have no idea why it took so long to come out. I also want to say that most of these organizations are glorified backyard wrestling because a lot of these guys would never make it to the WWE, but that isn’t why they do it. They do it to help spread a message of hope and the good book of Christ. So, you sort of look past that fact and realize they are a strong community all together. I sort of wish the doc had explored the actual organization a lot more than it did because I bet there are some real interesting stories involved there. No one knows who T-Money is so instantly, you’re demographic starts off small and only in South Carolina. If you get the chance to, check it out on Netflix and Netflix has some real amazing wrestling docs on there as well. I am giving this doc a C+ for a final grade.