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Hell_in_a_Cell_(2014)_poster_artThe WWE held it’s annual Hell IN A Cell PPV in Dallas at the American Airlines Arena where Bo Dallas may not be welcome anymore after his comment about Ebola. Anyways, the actual PPV in my opinion could go down as a success because of the great matches that happened. The first match between Dolph Ziggler and Antonio Cesaro showcased the fact that they could excite the crowd as Dolph won by winning the first two pinfalls. Surprisingly, the match between Nikki Bella and Brie Bella was actually entertaining at times which is a first considering who wrestled. The Gold and Stardust versus The USOS may not have been as great as some of their previous matches, but it entertaining. John Cena and Randy Orton fought their hearts out in the first of the two Hell In A Cell matches as they had stolen the show (at the time). The Sheamus and Miz match to me was decent, but the fact that Damien Sandow (or Mizdow) was mimicking all of The Miz’s moves on the outside is what made it entertaining. If you thought The Big Show was going to defeat Rusev, then you obviously have no clue. AJ’s match with Paige was also not a great as some of their previous encounters, but it was just as good because they are the best Divas around. The match between Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins was on another level as Dean climbed to the very top of the cage to start the match. Unfortunately, today’s version of the stooges (Joey Mercury and Jamie Noble) had to come in and attack Dean on the top of the cage. Seth would soon follow and the mayhem would ensue as we witnessed both men hit tables on their way down from the top. The match was a go as soon as Dean removed himself from the stretcher and he dominated the match for the most part until someone named Bray Wyatt just had to interfere. Overall, it was a very good night in my opinion and that is why I am giving the PPV an A- for a final grade. I am also for the first time awarding match of the night honors to the match I enjoyed the most. The match of the night honors was a tough one to pick, but it goes to the hell in a cell match between John Cena and Randy Orton.  Check out some pictures from the event below:

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