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download (2)The Big Show kicked off the final hour asking people for forgiveness after what he did last night at WWE Survivor Series. He claimed that he was only human and the decision he made was out of necessity to take care of his family. He claims that he looked around and thought his team was going to lose, so he made a snap decision. The Big Show after hearing the crowds reaction to him asking for a mulligan, he turned on them and The Big Show got aggressive demanding respect. The Big Show then turned to the back and said if anyone in the back had something to say, then they were to come to the ring to say it to his face. Erick Rowan was the one that came out. The Big Show began to mock Erick Rowan and Rowan would grab the mic and he told the Big Show, “I Don’t Like Bullies.” Then he attacked The Big Show and he nailed with a big spin kick and The Big Show left the ring.

We were then treated to Seth Rollins telling J&J Security (Jamie Noble and Joey Mercury) that they didn’t measure up to his other potential partners. They were then interrupted by Dolph Ziggler who told them that he believed in J&J Security and that he asked his 1.4 million followers on Twitter to vote for them.

Brie Bella was in action next with her sister and new Divas Champion Nikki Bella at ringside while Brie took on AJ Lee. AJ raised some eyebrows with her comments towards Brie when she said, “Brie, Les be honest.” Brie dominated the match for most of the match. Then AJ started her comeback nailing some big moves, but after a distraction from Nikki, Brie was able to take advantage for the win. After the match, AJ had enough with the Bella Twins telling them, “Talent is not sexually transmitted.”

After a promo and a commercial break we get another throw away match with Adam Rose and his struggles with The Bunny. They face Tyson Kidd and Natalya which is kind of odd to begin with, but the Bunny dominated for most of the match, but at one point he is thrown into Adam Rose and Tyson Kidd steals the win.

We go to the back where Ryback is walking around and he is stopped by Renee Young. Renee tries to congratulate him on his win earlier in the night. but even though he is thankful he has other things on his mind. He says that he is hungry and it’s almost Thanksgiving and asks Renee if she knows where a good concession stand is. When we come back from commercial, Ryback has confronted Kane and asks Kane for stuff that no concession stand sells and they end up getting into a food fight and Kane runs away. Ryback will grab some peanuts and tell us that Kane forgot his nuts.

RAW_1122_Photo_187-1897646028When we come back from break we find out that the WWE Universe voted for J&J Security with them getting 93% of the vote. Rollins and Co. don’t get the start that they would have wanted so they have to regroup to get their act together. It goes to commercial, but when we get back from commercial, Noble is giving it to Cena as Team Rollins lookslike they are in control until Dolph gets the tag. Team Rollins manages to distract the referee and Seth delivers a cheap shot to end the momentum that Ziggler had. After getting worked by everyone, Ziggler will finally make the tag and Cena cleans house. Seth will escape the AA, but Mercury will get one while Noble gets the Zig Zag from Dolph and they both pin them at the same time for the win. Seth tries to weasel his way out of the arena, but Daniel Bryan will force him back where he gets a superkick from Dolph and an AA from John Cena for good measure. As they celebrate with a yes chant, the dreaded sound of the Raw Anonymous General Manager comes over the speaker and Michael Cole reads the message stating that order will be restored next week on Cyber Monday.