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danielAll I have to say is what a way to start a Monday Night Raw then to have the authority complain about how we are screwed, but the best part comes next. All of a sudden when the authority stated they were going to leave, Daniel Bryan’s music kicked on the speakers and Daniel came out to mock the authority with the yes chants. When we came back from commercial, Daniel made it known that he was in charge of Raw for the night and he then invited the losing Team Authority out. Seth Rollins, Rusev, Mark Henry, Luke Harper, and Kane came out. Daniel stated that he was putting Seth Rollins in a handicap match against John Cena and Dolph Ziggler, but the WWE Universe was going to pick his teammates which option a was Luke Harper and Mark Henry, option b was Kane and Mark Henry, or option c which was J&J security (Jamie Noble and Joey Mercury). He then told Kane that he was no longer Corporate Kane, but Concessions Kane. He would turn to Rusev and told him he had two options as United States champion to be a little more patriotic. He had the options of 1. being in a company wide battle royal for the United States Championship or he could come down to the ring and recite the pledge of allegiance in it’s entirety. Rusev walked out which I think means Option A. He turned to Luke Harper and told him he was defending the title against Dean Ambrose and he told Mark Henry he was going to be in action against Ryback.

The match between Ryback and Mark Henry started on the outside where Ryback slammed his head against the steel post. So, when the match started, Mark Henry was never a 100% and in minutes Ryback nailed the Meat Hook clothesline and won the match.

FullSizeRenderThe next match of the night was for the intercontinental title as Luke Harper defended his title against Dean Ambrose. Much like his match last night, Dean was on the constant offense even if it looked like the momentum had changed, Dean was always back on the offensive. But when we came back from commercial break, Luke was on the offensive as he blocked any attempt Dean would make. Luke was constantly on the ground game through the match especially with his Gator Roll. The two would soon be entrenched in a constant battle for the rest of the match, but I have to admit that it got boring after a while. The match would eventually end with Ambrose getting tossed into the ref as the ref called for the match to end. Ambrose would then deliver the dirty deeds to Harper on top of a steel chair. As he went to grab a table, Bray Wyatt would come out of nowhere to attack Dean on the outside of the ring. Bray returned the favor from last night as he buried Dean underneath chairs.