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Larry The Cable Guy and Santino Marella came out to promote their new film Jingle All The Way 2 and it was a boring segment which was rescued by Gold and Stardust who were coming down to the ring to face the new tag team champions The Miz and Damien Mizdow.

FullSizeRender (1)The funniest thing about the match is the fact that Sandow mimics everything that happens to The Miz during the match plus he has stunt titles. Gold and Stardust were in control of the match for the most part as they picked apart The Miz. Anytime, The Miz would create any speparation to make a tag, The Dust Brothers were there to make sure it didn’t happen. When Mizdow was finally tagged in, he actually looked impressive at times while The Miz received medical attention on the outside. At one point int he match, Mizdow would lock in the figure four leglock and it looked like Stardust was going to tap out, but Goldust came in for the save. Stardust didn’t see The Miz make the tag so he nailed Mizdow with the disaster kick and The Miz would run in and hit the skull crushing finale on Stardust for the win.

We get a promo of Kane working one of the concessions counters when his boss comes up and tells him that he is in charge of chips tonight. If one goes missing, he has to pay for it. Rusev and Lana came out and basically refused to say the pledge of allegiance. Daniel then came on the screen to remind them of what they had to do and he sent out SGT. Slaughter to supervise Lana and Rusev. SGT. Slaughter started to recite the Pledge Of Allegiance and Lana started to repeat, but after “To The Flag”, Rusev stopped Lana and he sent her out of the ring. It looked like he was going to attack Sgt. Slaughter, but Jack Swagger came to his aid and Rusev left with his tail between his legs.

We get another promo of Kane behind the concessions counter, but this time he is visited by Santino and Larry The Cable Guy. Santino asks for a hot dog with lots of mustard. Instead of putting it on the hot dog, he squirts it on Santino and tells Larry that he’s a big fan. Fandango came out to face Justin Gabriel in a rematch from last night. Fandango is a lot more aggressive then he used to be which is definitely an improvement in my opinion. Fandango makes short work of Justin Gabriel with his patent guillotine leg drop from the top rope.