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1Jerry Lawler came out to introduce Seth Green who was talking about how he was excited for Raw until he was interrupted by The Miz and Mizdow. The Miz was asking Green about hiring an a-lister like The Miz, but Seth Green told him that Mizdow was the real a-list celebrity. Then the Miz after denying that, announced that it was time for the This Is Awesome Moment Of The Year Award. Then they announced that the winner would be announced following the match between Dolph Ziggler and Seth Rollins. Before we went to break, Dolph had drop kicked Rollins out the ring, but when we returned Seth was in control. Dolph was able to get create some separation in the match and he was able to gain some steam against Rollins until J&J Security interfered in the match allowing Rollins to hit the curb stomp on Dolph Ziggler for the win.

This Is Awesome Moment Of The Year

Winner: Sting Debuts

Seth of course was upset over the fact that Sting won, so he took the Slammy Award and accepted it on behalf of Sting. Then the new faction in the WWE The New Day (Big E, Kofi Kingston, and Xavier Woods) made their way down to the ring as we found out that Kofi Kingston was taking on Stardust. In the beggining of the match, Stardust was in control for the most part as he was their immediately to cut off any advantage Kofi tried to make. Then Kofi went on a rampage as he nailed some impressive high flying moves topped with a cross body from the top rope and a cover for the 1-2-3 as he defeated Stardust. John LaurinaitisĀ came out to present the surprise return of the year award. Then before he announced the nominees, he asked everyone when people power was going to return? The nominees for the award were Hulk Hogan, The Rock, Batista, and The Ultimate Warrior.

The Surprise Return Of The Year

Winner: The Ultimate Warrior

We Seth Rollins backstage talking to Paul Heyman and they are talking about the match at WWE Tables, Ladders, Chairs, and Stairs where if Seth Rollins defeated John Cena, he would lose his number one contender-ship. Seth tries to remind Paul that he will defeat Cena and that he is the future. He also told him that he had a title shot whenever he wanted withe briefcase. Paul cut him off and told him to make sure he defeats Cena cause no one is denying he is the future, but to make sure Cena is drenched in the past. Charlotte Flair from NXT came down to the ring for the next match to take on Natalya. This was one of the most impressive Divas matches in a while where Charlotte looked impressive with the chops and moves, but when she went to hit the figure four leg lock, Natalya rolled her up for the pin fall victory. Santino Marella came out to present the slammy OMG Shocking Moment Of The Year Award. The nominees were Seth Rollins Sells Out, Bella Betrayal, The Whole World In His Hands, and The Streak Is Conquered.

OMG Shocking Moment Of The Year Award

Winner: The Streak Conquered