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1Bray Wyatt came to the ring to cut a promo talking about how he was mad that Dean Ambrose smashed the rocking chair. They showed highlights from last weeks Raw showing Dean smashing the chair and a highlight from Smackdown showing how Bray took something away from Dean. He then talked about how the crowd should fear him and how Dean should fear what is going to happen to him at WWE Tables, Ladders, and Chairs. Out of nowhere, an ambulance pulled into the arena and Dean Ambrose came out of the back of it with a neckbrace on. Dean started pulling tables, Ladders, and chairs out of the ambulance. He started approaching the ring with a chair and ladder in hand and he attacked Bray. Dean then proclaimed that on Sunday that the only way Bray was leaving was in the back of the ambulance. he told him that n Sunday, he was becoming the monster and that he was going to “eat you alive.” Dean is definitely the future of the company and I cannot wait for this Sunday. Seth Green then introduced Jerry “The King” Lawler to present the Diva Of The Year Award. The nominees were Paige, Nikki Bella, AJ Lee, and Brie Bella.

Diva Of The Year Award

Winner: AJ Lee

One of the great things about AJ Lee’s speech is the fact that she supports other up and coming Divas as she stated that she hoped that next year’s winner of the award would either be Bayley, Sasha Banks, Paige, or even Charlotte Flair. When we come back from commercial break, Renee Young has John Cena backstage dropping a promo on both The Big Show and Seth Rollins, but mostly on Rollins. He talks about how Rollins has more to prove and that the fire inside Cena still burns within him. We got the ring for a potentially great match between former partners Luke Harper and Erick Rowan, but it turns out to be a wash as Harper gets himself disqualified for using a ladder.

Adam Rose and the Rose buds come out to present LOL Moment Of The Year.

LOL Moment Of The Year

Winner: Damien Mizdow

Damien and The Miz both come out to accept the award, but when Damien goes to speak, he gets nudged out of the way by The Miz who takes the award and walks away with it much to the crowd’s dismay. We got the ring where Lana is about to give her Anti-American speech promo which she does until she is interrupted by Jack Swagger who tells everyone that Rusev broke Zeb Colter’s leg and that he vows to snap Rusev’s ankle. He goes down to the ring where the two brawl and Swagger gets the best of the fight even applying the patriot lock until WWE Officials come down to separate the two. The next match of the night features The USOS teaming up with Ryback to take on Kane and the team of The Miz and Damien Mizdow. Kane and the behemoth Ryback start off the match and they are going at it. When we get back from commercial break, The Miz is in the ring with one of The USOS and he is taunting the others and for the most part in control until Ryback gets in the ring and he pins The Miz for the win.

When we come back from break Lilian Garcia introduces WWE Legend and Hall Of Famer Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat out to the stage where he is giving away the award for Match Of The Year.

Match Of The Year

Winner: Team Authority Vs Team Cena

Dolph Ziggler comes out to accept the award on behalf of his team and it’s only fitting that he does since he out lasted everyone. He thanked his teammates and most importantly he thanked the fans because it had been a long time coming for Dolph to get his time to shine. He tells the fans that this is only the beginning of the run and he then gets them to cheer for Steamboat. We go back to the ring and it’s AJ taking on Summer Rae which is a joke because Summer Rae is awful and of course AJ hits the Black Widow for the win. Rob Van Dam comes out next to introduce Extreme Moment Of The Year award.

Extreme Moment Of The Year Award

Winner: Chris Jericho’s Cross-body From The Top Of The Cage On To Bray Wyatt

Fandango comes out to accept the award and he reminds all of us that he defeated Chris Jericho at his debut match at Wreslemania. He also tells us that we will never forget the name of Fandango (shades of Goldust I see). We go backstage where The Big Show is cutting a promo talking about how he will unleash the fury on to John Cena and how Erick Rowan is way out of his league come WWE’s TLC on Sunday. Booker T then comes out to reveal the Superstar Of The Year Award.

Superstar Of The Year Award

Winner: Roman Reigns

Roman comes out to a huge roar from the crowd and declares that he doesn’t care f it’s Brock Lesnar, John Cena, Triple H, The Rock, or even Vince McMahon, but when he comes back he is grabbing the brass ring. We’ve the John Cena vs The Big Show match so many times that you can predict what is going to happen. The Big Show takes control of the match using his size to his advantage as he controls the match. Cena will eventually slap on a sleeper hold like he always does on The Big Show. After being thrown out of the ring by The Big Show, Cena will comes back and nail the AA, but as he goes for the pin, Seth Rollins will come in and interfere giving Cena the win by DQ. After the match was over an all out mele breaks out which brings everyone from Team Authority and Team Cena out for a brawl. But when the dust cleared Seth Rollins and The Big Show were standing over a battered Cena who was power-bombed through the announce tables. End of show.