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2It was WWE Battleground and Rusev is on top of the world as he had beaten everyone in his path leading up to his match with Jack Swagger. Since the two will compete at WWE TLC and Stairs this Sunday, I figured I would look at the first time these two competed in a match on a WWE Pay Per View. At this point in time, Lana and Rusev were deep into their anti-American speech until they were confronted by Zeb Colter and Jack Swagger who would issue a challenge. The match was accepted by Rusev on the July 14TH edition of Raw. The bell hadn’t even rung yet and the two were already going at it with Jack Swagger getting the upper hand clothes-lining Rusev out of the ring. Rusev would try to gain an advantage over Swagger, but Rusev would have to roll out of the ring twice to avoid being locked in the patriot lock. It wouldn’t be long though until Rusev started using his power moves to ground Swagger.

1No matter what Swagger tried to do, Rusev was always a step ahead of him and whether it be the educated feet of Rusev or his vicious submission moves, he was able to keep Swagger grounded. Eventually after being on the outside of the ring, Swagger was able to build some momentum and he even nailed the Swagger bomb on Rusev but Rusev would kick out at two during the pin. After avoiding a big kick, Swagger would then lock in the Patriot lock, but Rusev on a his second attempt would grab the bottom rope. After Swagger broke the hold, Rusev would roll to the outside, but Swagger would follow him outside the ring. He would slap on the Patriot lock once again, but Rusev was able to counter by running Swagger into the steel post face first. Rusev would make it back into the ring before the count of 10 for the victory over Jack Swagger.