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deanI was listening to Chris Jericho’s Talk Is Jericho Podcast the other night and I listened to both parts of his Dean Ambrose interview which were very interesting to listen to. On the Podcast, Dean expressed how he had a lot of fun working with William Regal back in his FCW (Florida Championship Wrestling)days (pre-NXT) and after last night’s incredible main event with Bray Wyatt, I figured we dive into the vault to check out the match he was talking about. Apparently, a year before this match took place, William Regal had injured the left shoulder of Dean Ambrose and when the match started, he immediately went after the shoulder. William Regal who is a cold calculated individual in the ring immediately started bring the pain hyper extending Dean’s elbow followed by some knee drops to the arm and shoulder area.

dean 2For a couple of minutes, William Regal just worked on that shoulder until Dean found the only way he could get out of it and it was by biting Regal’s arm. Of course that only angered the Englishman, who then became vicious with his attack. Dean was finally able to create some separation when he sent Regal face first into the steel post and meanwhile while Regal was down, Ambrose was in the ring popping his shoulder back into place. When Dean began mounting his offense, he was bringing it to a Regal that seemed like he was no longer there in the FCW arena after the shot to the steel post. Regal even began bleeding from the ear after Ambrose removed the turnbuckle padding to expose the steel. Dean was paying Regal back for all the punishment in the beginning of the match.

dean 3The trainers would come into the ring to attend an injured Regal who looked as if he couldn’t continue the match. The man was barely able to stand up for himself, but as soon as Dean began to taunt him, Regal exploded out of the trainers arms and delivered a devastating clothesline that knocked Ambrose out of his boots. Eventually more referees would jump into the ring faster than King Kong Bundy at an all you can eat affair. They stopped the match because Regal clearly couldn’t continue to fight, but that angered Ambrose even more as he wanted to finish the fight. So, he began throwing the referee’s out of the ring and even attacked other FCW talent who were only trying to help the ref’s. To add insult to injury, Ambrose locked in the Regal stretch on to a hurt and disoriented Regal. Eventually the whole locker room came out to separate Dean from Regal and those included were Seth Rollins and Bo Dallas (who went by the name then Bo Rotunda). The only thing I can take from this match is thank God the WWE changed the way Dean dressed when he was called up to the big show with The Shield. It was also nice to hear Dusty Rhodes and Jim Ross on commentary as well. Check out the match for yourself here and other matches as well on Youtube.

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