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Mr X Top 5It’s been a while since I did one of these, but this is my post where I rank the top 5 wrestlers in the WWE. NXT had an amazing event this past Thursday with Takeover [R]Evolution and the WWE just held their annual Tables, Ladders, and Chairs Pay Per View. So, let’s just say that things in the top could get a little interesting because I have never ranked anyone from NXT before, but someone could have slipped in to the rankings this week. The last time I did a rankings post, Randy Orton had the top spot after his performance at WWE Hell In A Cell which goes to show you how long it has been. Unfortunately, one wrestler that you won’t be seeing in the top 5 even though he made a huge impact last night is Roman Reigns and that is due to injury and the time off. Without further ado, here is my top 5:

5. Sami Zayn- Sami is one of the best competitors in my book in NXT and his match with Adrian Neville was one to remember. Don’t be surprised by that performance because Sami Zayn has been doing it since he got there. He is the first NXT wrestler to break into my top 5.

4. Rusev- Rusev was in fourth place the last time I did a rankings and that is only because he has been fighting the same guys all the time. I enjoy his matches and I like the fact that even at Survivor Series, he still has not been pinned or submitted.

3. Seth Rollins- Triple H and the company did have one thing right and that is Seth is still the future of the company in my book. Even tough he lost last night, Seth has had some impressive matches especially his clashes with Dean Ambrose and the Survivor Series match.

2. Dean Ambrose- I am so impressed with the lunatic fringe that right now he is definitely one of my fav 5. I have been drinking the kool aid when it comes to this because once again, Dean brought it last night with Bray Wyatt. This match definitely made up for the Survivor Series match which ended in a way I didn’t like, but they had to set up this match.

1. Dolph Ziggler- One fan on Twitter claimed that every match Dolph is in should be known as a main event no matter what order of the night it was placed and I have to say that he is absolutely right. He stole the show at Survivor Series and he stole the show again last night with Luke Harper. Dolph should be competing for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship soon because his time is now (even though it has been his time for a while). Dolph could very well be this generations show stopper as we head into the future.