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12Tonight’s special guest General Manager Chris Jericho came out to address the crowd and he started by thanking everyone for winning the Slammy for most extreme moment of the year. He then asked Fandango to come out to give him back his award, but he got Paul Heyman instead who complained about Chris winning the Slammy. After an insult from Jericho, he then told Chris that he wanted to talk about Seth Rollins and how he failed to beat John Cena. That prompted Seth Rollins to come out and he got in Paul Heyman’s face. He started telling Paul that he had the match won and that if it wasn’t for Roman Reigns, he would have won the match. Then he challenged John Cena to a match, but told everyone that it wasn’t for tonight. Then John Cena came out to ringside and he began telling Seth that he isn’t a real man because he whines too much. He also jokingly said that he needed to find a general manager who would make the match and Y2J stepped up and made the match a steel cage match for tonight. This angered Seth Rollins and he told Jericho that he was so jealous that Jericho couldn’t even beat Paul Heyman. So much to the dismay of Paul Heyman, Jericho announced that the WWE Universe would pick the match stipulations for Heyman versus Y2J.

FullSizeRenderThe first match of the night saw The Big Show and Luke Harper take on Erick Rowan and the new Intercontinental Champion Dolph Ziggler. Dolph started off the match first with The Big Show and at first he used his speed to outwit Show, but Show as usual used his size to his advantage as he punished Ziggler. When we came back from commercial break, Luke Harper was in the ring and they were still dominating Ziggler. After a while, Dolph finally made it to his corner and he was able to tag in Erick and Erick was cleaning house, but eventually The Big Show would deliver the KO and he pinned Erick for the 1-2-3. Before we went back to commercial break, Y2J confronted Fandango and told him that when he was done with Heyman, he was going to come back and dance all over Fandango’s face.

When we came back from Commercial break, they showed some photos from last night’s Tables, Ladders, and Chairs match between Bray Wyatt and Seth Rollins and announced that on Super Smackdown Live tomorrow night, both men would be under the same roof. Then The New Day cut a promo with Renee Young that was actually pretty funny. Then before we went back to commercial break, we found out that the Bella Twins were going to compete in tag team action. When we came back from commerical break, we found out that they were facing Alicia Fox and Natalya. The match was pretty marginal until Natalya came in and slapped the sharp-shooter on Brie Bella as she made Brie tap. Before we went to commercial break, they promoted the fact once again that the WWE Universe could vote for what kind of a match Heyman and Jericho were going to be in. They also announced that to start hour 2, the Highlight Reel was next with Rusev and Lana as the special guests.