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jerichoChris Jericho to start The Highlight Reel said that the last time he had a Highlight Reel, he had predicted that The Authority would no longer be in power and tonight he was predicting that someone was going to come out in something tight, shiny, and either in the colors red, white, or blue. When Lana and Rusev came to the ring, Lana was wearing a shiny red dress. The promo was kind of lame with Jericho throwing childish insults at Lana and Rusev with Rusev eventually grabbing the mic and telling Jericho that maybe he would crush Jericho. Jericho then replied that he knows someone that wants to fight Rusev and then all of sudden Ryback’s music hits the speakers and the big man comes out to the ring. Rusev said some inaudible to Ryback, but he backed out of the ring and he left.

ascensionBefore we came back from commercial break, we saw a pretty intense promo from NXT tag team The Ascension and it looked awesome as it ended with the screen saying, “The Ascension Will Rise.” Then we when we came back officially, The New Day came out to the ring to face Gold and Stardust in a rematch from last night. This time it was Xavier Woods and Big E taking on the Dust Brothers and they simply dominated the match all the way up to the commercial break. When we came back from break, Gold and Stardust were in control as they kept Big E grounded and off his feet. Eventually, The New Day took over the match and they were able to defeat the Dust Brothers again. I don’t think the crowd was that impressed with Xavier Woods considering he was getting some boos.

bunnyAfter the commercial break, The Miz and Damien Mizdow were cutting a promo with Renee Young regarding The Miz’s match with Jimmy Uso tonight on Raw. We also found out that Adam Rose was going to be in action as he told the Rosebuds that he was throwing an after party after his match. Then he was interrupted by Kane who was their to tell him that he was facing Adam Rose next. Adam Rose was doing too bad in the match as he was able to avoid most of what Kane was trying to throw at him. Then he showboated too early and he caught a big boot from Kane. Kane then went to deliver a choke slam and The Bunny climbed into the ring and Kane caught him and delivered a double chokeslam and then he pinned Rose for the win. After the match, he delivered a tombstone to The Bunny which get the crowd excited. We all know something stupid and overdone we when we see it.

brockThe next match of the night was apparently the match between Chris Jericho and Paul Heyman. Paul Heyman came in begging for Chris to change his mind and even tried to write him a check, but Jericho slapped the check book away. Then when we found out that the WWE Universe chose a Street fight as the stipulation, Paul Heyman started to say that he didn’t understand certain things including why he would start a fight with the Beast Incarnate Brock Lesnar. Brock’s music hit the speakers and the most dominate man came out and after circling the ring, he entered it. The two had a stair down and before you knew it they went at it. Jericho tried to hit a code breaker, but he failed and he received an F5 instead. Brock and Paul left the ring right after.