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romanFandango came down to the ring with Rosa as he was competing next as we went to commercial break. When we came back from break, Fandango had a mic and he was holding the slammy award Jericho wanted. He began to mock Jericho and then all of a sudden Roman Reigns music hit the speakers and Roman came through the crowd. Last night we learned that Roman had declared himself for the Royal Rumble match. When Roman entered the ring he took Fandango with a huge spear. Then The Big Show’s music hit and The Big Show came out. Roman told The Big Show that if he came to the ring, Roman was going to take him out. The Big Show told him that he wanted to see it and threatened to put Roman back on the injured reserve. When he finally made it to the top of the apron, The big Show was met with a superman punch from Reigns. Right afterwards, The Big Show went nuts and took apart the steps and walked towards the back as Roman stood tall.

After we came back from commercial break, The Miz came out with his stunt double Damien Mizdow to face Jimmy Uso of The USOS. During the beginning of the match, The Miz was constantly ducking Jimmy Uso any chance he could until Jimmy finally caught up to him to deliver some well deserved pain. After ducking some more to the outside, Jimmy would eventually run into the boot of The Miz. The best part about this match is the fact that Damien Mizdow is putting on quite the performance outside of the ring as he imitates everything that happens to The Miz. After a while, Mizdow will try to assist the Miz, but Jey Uso will get involved and The Miz gets nailed with a superkick. Jimmy will hit the big splash and he gets the win. The steel cage match will follow and for the most part it’s a decent match, but it’s what happens at the end of the match that is important because after all Brock Lesnar is still in the house and his WWE Royal Rumble opponent is in the ring. Brock comes down and he hits Cena with three German suplexes and an F5. Brock will stare Seth Rollins down, but Heyman will stick his hand out and Seth will exit the cage the winner of the steel cage match. The End!