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aldoWe are really diving deep into the vaults of the WWE Network for this one because this is from Monday Night Raw episode 108 which aired on April 24, 1995. The match features The Man Of War Aldo Montoya (Justin Credible) taking on The Black Phantom (a jobber) in a throwaway match. There is a reason I chose this match and being a Portuguese American in a predominately Italian town you needed someone to look up to and Aldo was that for me. You also have to remember watching this that this was still the gimmick era of the WWE as you can see. Aldo for the most part dominates the match, but at certain times, The Black Phantom is able to muster up some offense against man in colorful tights. But just when The Black Phantom thought he had the advantage, he lost it. He throws Aldo into the corner in which Aldo is able to use the turnbuckles to his advantage to nail a cross body. Then Aldo will climb the ropes to hit a very sloppy bulldog and he’ll pin the phantom for the 1-2-3. Just a little tidbit, I wrote Justin Credible in parenthesis because that is who Aldo will become in ECW. I bet you also didn’t know that The Black Phantom would later become Gangrel.

aldo 2