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cliffI don’t know why for the life of me I chose a match with Rockstar Spud in it, but I wanted to have a match with Cliff Compton who used to be known as Domino in the WWE when he tagged with Deuce. This was the only full match that I could find at the time on Youtube and it was in OVW which is a territory of TNA. Rockstar Spud I have always described as the walking joke in TNA, but you have to give him some credit for the screen time he was getting in TNA and not being afraid of being the little man in TNA. Anyways, he is here challenging for Cliff’s Television title and you can immediately tell that there is a significant size difference between the two of them, but Spud doesn’t back down and that was the case in this match.

cliff 2Cliff Compton tried everything to avoid having to do anything with Spud at first whether it was clinching the rope and having the ref back Spud up or going to the outside. Nevertheless, some sort of strategy worked as he was able to sucker Spud into chasing him back into the ring where he would start pounding on Spud. Spud never gave up as he tried his quick high flying maneuvers on the bigger Compton who tried to slow down Spud with his size advantage. At one point in the match, Compton got a little too cocky for his own good and he allowed Spud to reverse his bodyslam into a roll up pin and all of a sudden you relaize that Rockstar Spud won the match denying Compton a chance to collect a $1,000 bonus at the end of the night. Check this match out on Youtube by clicking here.