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paigeThe second hour begins with Roman Reigns taking on The Big Show in an almost uninteresting match where Show used his size for the most part to dominate Roman Reigns. Roman Reigns won the match by DQ, but he got his revenge on The Big Show on the outside of the ring. The second match of the second hour was a match that saw Divas champion Nikki Bella taking on Natalya in a non-title match. Paige came down to ringside and it looked like she patched things with Natalya because she would prove to be quite the asset on the outside. Paige would attack Brie Bella which distracted Nikki enough so that Natalya could roll her up for the pin and the win. After the match ended, Nikki attacked Natalya and Paige came in to save the day with a huge kick to the jaw of Nikki Bella. The WWE continued to disappoint me tonight during the Erick Rowan/Luke Harper match when they announced that there would be two special guest referees which were Jamie Noble and Joey Mercury. Luke Harper would take advantage of the distraction J&J Security as he nailed Rowan with the big clothesline. I just want to remind you guys that voting is still going on for The 4TH Annual Monster Entertainment Awards Wrestler Of The Year and Female Wrestler Of The Year. To vote, click here.

raw 2The WWE also offered their condolences to ESPN and the friends and family of Stuart Scott, the anchor who lost his battle with Cancer yesterday. He truly was one of the greatest anchors in ESPN history. The WWE would announced that they would have a six man mixed tag team match that feature Naomi teaming with The USOS to take on Alicia Fox and The team of The Miz and Damien Mizdow. Then we were treated to a mess of a promo between Naomi and Alicia Fox followed by a great promo for the Bray Wyatt/Dean Ambrose match.

deanOne thing I have learned from the Dean Ambrose/Bray Wyatt rivalry is that it absolutely measures up to be a great match. These two men absolutely bring it every time they step into the ring with each other. The match of course started on the outside of the ring as Dean was throwing everything but the kitchen sink at Bray. Bray was able to gain an advantage though in the match when he slammed the ambulance door on Dean’s leg. Dean tried to make a comeback, but the injured knee would get to him and Bray was able to continue to captialize. The two men absolutely battled it out as they battered and abused each other. One of my favorite moments of the match was when Dean climbed to the top of the ambulance and he dived onto Bray who was on top of a table. Unfortunately, Bray hit two Sister Abigail’s and he threw Dean into the back of the Ambulance for the win.