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batistaWhen Dave Batista stepped back into the WWE back towards the tail end of 2013, it wasn’t the greatest welcoming back because we all knew what was going to happen when he declared himself for the Royal Rumble and let’s face it we never gave him a fair shake. While Batista was making his comeback run tot he WWE, a crew followed him on his journey and they taped everything and it features an intimate interview with Dave as well as some footage of him outside of the WWE in his comfort zone and he spills the beans about why he left the WWE four years before. You’ll get to see archived photos of Dave when he was training for MMA as well as some footage of him at The Gracie Academy.

batista 2It’s not a very long documentary, it only runs at about forty minutes, but I can imagine the bonus matches that come with it are another reason why you would want to watch it in the first place. As I said, the cameras follow him and you get to see a little bit into his personal life like the car club that he is a part of out in LA. One of the main points of getting this is to see how he felt during the time when he did come back and people started to boo him which really upset him because he felt he had paid his dues before after all he only left because Cena broke his back. It’s also cool to hear him speak about certain relationships he has with certain wrestlers like Rey Mysterio and how he talks about the process of getting the role of Drax in Guardians Of The Galaxy. If you can find the original documentary the WWE did back in the day on him, that would be the one to watch if you want an in depth look at his beginnings all the way through to his shining moments in the WWE. This is just cool to see the behind the scene stuff that we normally never get to see. The doc is currently airing on the WWE Network as we speak and by the way, Batista’s movie Guardians is up for an award at the 4TH Annual Monster Entertainment Awards, just click here to vote. I am giving the documentary an B for a final grade.