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tnaTonight was the debut of TNA Impact Wrestling on their new channel Destination America with the big main event seeing Bobby Roode defending his TNA Heavyweight Championship against Bobby Lashley in the rubber match. The episode started with a music video like sequence and then it had all the wrestlers in front of The Manhattan Center in New York. Right from the start, every wrestler and Knockout started to brawl all the way into the Manhattan Center. Kurt Angel came out and he announced that every title in TNA was on the line tonight. MVP came into the ring and he interrupted Kurt insulting him. Kurt grabs the mic and tells him that after he set the card for the night, he retired as Executive director of wrestling operations just to take on MVP in a street fight. Both men battled it out and MVO was throwing on some impressive submission moves, but it wasn’t enough as Kurt hit him with the Olympic slam for the win. Note: Josh Matthews is now an announcer on TNA.

Ethan Carter cut a promo with Tyrus (the man formerly known as Broadus Clay) and Crazzy Steve. He basically called out Rockstar Spud and told him he was going to rip him apart. Then Mike Tenay had an interview with James Storm that was ok. The second match of the night was The Revolution (Storm and Abyss) defending their TNA Tag Team Titles against The Wolves (Eddie Edwards and Davey Richards). Then before the match started, The Hardy Boys came out to ringside and then they went to commercial. The Wolves absolutely dominated the match with their high risk maneuvers and by how creative they are in the ring. It wasn’t until ManiK and The Great Sanada interfered that the match changed. The duo came in and they started attacking the wolves and that is when the Hardy’s got involved. They cleared the ring of the two, but when Jeff saw Abyss go for the rope with the cowbell, he tried to grab it and in a tug of war with Abyss, he was flung into Eddie Edwards. When Edwards took the impact, James Storm took advantage and delivered the last call superkick for the win.

ethanThe next segment of the night saw Jeremy Borash in the center of the ring. He was about to announce a special guest when Ethan Carter III interrupted him. Ethan interacted with the crowd for a little while and announced that he wanted to finish the job with Rockstar Spud. Then Tyrus showed up with Rockstar Spud and he threw him into the ring. Just when Ethan was about to shave Rockstar Spud’s hair, Jeremy got involved and stepped in between the two. Ethan told him to step back, but Jeremy slapped Ethan and the new target became Jeremy Borash. Ethan started shaving Jeremy’s head while Spud watched, but he didn’t shave the whole thing, just a little bit.

ariesThe next match of the night saw Low KI defend his TNA X Division title against Austin Aries. These are matches that if you blink you might miss something and I can understand why the X-division is credited for building the company cause it’s awesome. Both of these guys threw everything they could at each other from martial arts moves from Low Ki to the physical nature of Austin Aries. Low Ki towards the end of the match thought he had Aries where he wanted him which was on the mat. Low Ki climbed the turnbuckle, but Aries was able to deliver a punishing kick to Low Ki. He then took Low Ki from the top and delivered his patented brain buster and he pinned him to become the TNA X-Division champion for the sixth time in his career.

awesome kongBefore the Knockouts match, DJ Z was in the ring with Jesse Godderz and they announced the return of Robbie E was with Velvet Sky. The partcipants in the TNA Knockouts battle royal were Gail Kim, Rebel, Madison Rayne, Velvet Sky, Angelina Love, Jessika Havok, and TNA Knockouts Champion Taryn Terrell. The match was pretty decent and unlike the WWE the girls actually have to go over the top rope in order to be eliminated. Rebel was the first one eliminated and she was followed by in order Madison Rayne,  Love, Sky, Gail Kim, and Havok was the last one eliminated by Terell. Havok was infuritated by the fact that she was eliminated that she attacked Terrell beating her senseless until the lights went out. Then when the lights came on, Awesome Kong (Kharma in the WWE) was back in TNA and Havok backed down.

ericThe last match of the night saw Bobby Roode defend his TNA World Heavyweight Title against Bobby Roode in the third match of there series. Bobby started the match dominating Roode with some big impact moves, but Roode was quick to end the advantage to take one of his own that saw him bring the pain. He tried to end the match early with a crossface, but Lashley was able to reach the rope. After going back and forth with each other, Lashley and Roode ended up taking the fight to the outside. Just before we went to commercial break, They showed a video on the bottom of the screen of MVP and Kenny King with two masked men trying to get to the ring whiel Lashley had the advantage on Roode. When we came baack from break, Lashley was still dominating the match with some bear hugs as he tried to tire out Roode. Roode was able to get a quick set of offensive moves together and he tried to put him away with a running senton bomb, but Lashley would kick out of the pin attempt. Roode tried move after move, but Lashley would not give up and he kicked out of every pin attempt. Eventually Kenny King and co would disrupt the match by pulling out the ref. The masked men revealed themselves to be Samoa Joe and Low Ki, but just as they were about to enter the ring, Eric Young ran into the ring as we assumed to help out Roode, but Eric turned on Roode and attacked him with a chair. After everyone exited the ring, Lashley nailed Roode with the spear and covered him for the 1-2-3. He was the new TNA World Heavyweight Champion. This was a great first night for TNA.