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220px-Marc_Mero_2013Some of you may remember Marc Mero, but that all depends on how long you have been following sports entertainment. I’ve been following it since I was a kid so I can remember exactly who Marc Mero is and who he was. I remember when he went by the name of Johnny B. Badd in WCW. I thought he was the Little Richard of wrestling and he was amazing. He would then move on to the WWE where he started out as The Wild Man Marc Mero to then just using his real name with the boxing gimmick during the attitude era and the name Marvelous Marc Mero. He was named Wrestling Observers Rookie Of The Year in 1991 and he has won the WCW Television Title and the WWE Intercontinental title. Marc was recently spotted delivering a heart felt speech to a bunch of middle school kids that brought me to tears. Marc started The Champion Of Choices program which is set up to help kids make the right choices in life whether it be to stop bullying or just by listening to the people that care.

This quote from the website thinkpoz.org, better states what their mission is, “Positive choices are the key to the healthy development of America’s youth and lay the foundation to strengthen families and society. The goal of the Champion of Choices School Program is to provide a motivational learning experience for youth that builds positive life skills, improves school cultures, and strengthens family relationships.” I fully support what Marc Mero is doing now and you need to check out the video below because it will truly move you.