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fritzConsidering that the WWE had the Raw Reunion special, I figures I would take a look at some legends of wrestling. This was one of the most legendary matches in the history of Texas Wrestling or WCCW (World Class Championship Wrestling) as King Kong Bundy was about to face the legend Fritz Von Erich, the patriarch of the Von Erich clan, for the last time in Cowboys Stadium in Dallas, Texas. King Kong Bundy was the NWA Heavyweight Championship and he was hand picked to fight Fritz in what would be Fritz’s retirement match. Bundy started the match by attacking Fritz when he wasn’t ready and he pounded on Fritz whose only defense was to try and slap on the iron claw from time to time. Fritz tried to fight back and even had Bundy on his back, but Bundy was 25 years old at the time of this match while Fritz was 53 years old which anyone can figure out that Bundy was going to be quicker even though he is heavy.

kkb 2Bundy would continue to attack Fritz using his size to his advantage even blocking the claw on an occasion, but he couldn’t keep Fritz down for too long. Fritz started to pound on Bundy with some big rights and lefts and even with some knees to the midsection. The match would eventually spill to the outside where Bundy was getting his head slammed into the steel posts. After the referee made the two men get back into the ring, Fritz slapped on the iron claw, but he was forced to break it since Bundy was against the ropes. The two ended up back on he outside where Fritz used a chair to whack Bundy over the head with. Then out of nowhere, Fritz goes for the pin on the endzone and he wins the match becoming the new NWA Champion. It’s rare to see someone win their last match, but I guess when you own the company you can do whatever you want.