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Royalrumble2015updatedI want to start off the article by saying that I am extremely pissed off at the continued ignorance of the WWE. They screwed us the opportunity to have the match of a lifetime at Wrestlemania 31, instead we have a guy who obviously needs his cousin to help him considering he sucks at cutting promos taking on the beast incarnate. The WWE was doing so well with the Royal Rumble as every match was superb including the triple threat match which was one of the best matches on the whole card. Seth Rollins, Brock Lesnar, and John Cena (of all people) didn’t disappoint at all tonight. Then you have this abomination you call a Royal Rumble match where you eliminate guys the crowd loves in Daniel Bryan (early), Dolph Ziggler (almost right away), and some of my favorites in Wade Barrett, Dean Ambrose, and Cesaro. Instead you believe that Roman Reigns is your future and you have bums like Kane and The Big Show get to the final four. There was no Sheamus, no Randy Orton, and no appearance from Sting. You wasted spots on The Boogeyman, Titus O’Neil, Adam Rose, and Zack Ryder. The only cool thing was that we got to see Bubba Ray Dudley back in the WWE, but no sign of Devon Dudley. Hopefully, they will come back to feud with The Ascension who are content on wrestling old tag teams as of this moment. The Ascension lost a little respect in my book when they talked smack about Demolition and The Legion of Doom, but I get why they said it. Bray Wyatt and Rusev had an amazing Royal Rumble match lasting as long as they did and eliminating as many as they did in the match. Overall, I am going to give the PPV a B- for a final grade only because of the matches before the rumble. Poor Curtis Axel is also as pissed off as me over the rumble match. So, besides the rumble match being a flop considering Orton never entered the match, I went 3-2 on the night as far as my predictions were concerned. Here are the results:

Tyson Kidd and Cesaro defeated The New Day

The Ascension defeated The New Age Outlaws

The USOS defeated The Miz and Mizdow

The Bella Twins defeated Paige and Natalya

Brock Lesnar Defeated John Cena and Seth Rollins

Roman Reigns won the Royal Rumble with Kane, The Big Show, and Rusev finishing in the final Four. Here is how they entered with their elimination, who they were eliminated by, time, and how many eliminations they had.

royal rumbleNow enjoy some pics from the night:

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