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superbowl main event copyTonight is Superbowl XLIX (49) and the Seattle Seahawks are looking to repeat as champions against the New England Patriots in Arizona. I decided for tonight’s Into The Vault match that we would take a look at two wrestlers representing their respective teams with John Cena representing the New England Patriots taking on Daniel Bryan representing the Seattle Seahawks and I am using their Summerslam 2013 match. It was the match that everyone was hoping for a very long that they were going to see. The WWE Universe felt that it was finally Daniel Bryan’s chance to shine in the spotlight and John Cena handpicked him as his opponent. The only thing that could potentially stand in Daniel’s way was the special guest referee Triple H, but Daniel was focused and ready to take the reigns.

danielIn the beginning of the match, John was trying to play a wrestler against a guy who is a pure wrestler and Daniel got the best of him. John’s elbow was taped up because of an injury to his elbow where it looked as if a baseball was stuck in his elbow and Daniel being smart targeted it right in the beginning. Cena after a while tried to use the power game to wear down Bryan, but Bryan wouldn’t quit as he used his speed and wrestling ability to stay in the game. Cena allowed Bryan into the match and the goat made him pay with a nice shiner which could have come after a missile drop kick from the top rope. Even with all the submission moves Daniel would slap on, John never quit either as he powered out of some of the moves. John was the resilient champion and Daniel was proving that he had the heart of a champion. After countering out of the AA, Daniel would hit John with his patent running knee and he would cover John for the 1-2-3. Now, you can take this however you would like, but will Seattle do what Daniel did in this match which is claim a second Superbowl title? You decide for yourself!