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Wrestlemania 2You may be asking yourself out of all the matches I could have picked for Day 2 of the countdown to Wrestlemania 31, why did I pick the NFL Vs WWF battle royal from Wrestlemania 2? It’s a very simple answer and that is because at last years Wrestlemania 30, they debuted the André the Giant Memorial Battle Royal and at Wrestlemania 2 the big man competed in this battle royal. The battle royal featured some big names from the NFL like Jimbo Covert, Ernie Holmes, Harvey Martin, Bill Fralic, Russ Francis, and the Fridge William Perry taking on WWF stars Bret Hart, Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart, Tony Atlas, Big John Studd, King Tonga, Jim Brunzell, Ted Arcidi, Dan Spivey, Hillbilly Jim, Pedro Morales, B. Brian Blair, The Iron Shiek, Bruno Sammartino, and the great, late André the Giant which emanated from the Rosemont Horizon in Chicago (which was 1 of 3 cities Wrestlemania 2 was broadcast from).

andreIt was an all out melee in ring with over 20 men and some of them had to be well over 300 lbs as most of the WWF stars tried to eliminate the fridge first. At one point, the goofy Tony Atlas was eliminated by the Fridge. It was great to see the legend Bruno Sammartino eliminate The Iron Shiek in the battle royal. Big John Studd was able to eliminate the fridge, but he made the ultimate mistake in the match. Perry extended his hand as if to give a handshake and when Studd reached over for the shake, The Fridge pulled him out eliminating him leaving Jim Neidhart, Bret Hart, Russ Francis, and André the Giant left in the ring as the final four. The Hart Foundation had André tangled in the ropes and the duo went to work on Francis as they both eliminated him. André would go to work on the Foundation as he grabbed the Anvil by the beard, threw him against the ropes, and delivered a boot that sent him out of the ring. Bret tried to climb to the top rope, but André was there to grab him and he gorilla press slammed Bret to the outside to take the win.

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