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rohEver since Alberto El Patron made his debut in Ring Of Honor and announced that he wanted to go after the championship, it offended the Ring Of Honor Television Champion Jay Lethal. Jay Lethal was offended to the point that he called The Television Championship the premier title in the company. Alberto then wanted a shot at the TV Title, but Lethal made him work for it and earlier tonight at Ring Of Honor 13TH Anniversary in Las Vegas, he got the shot at the title. The only problem for El Patron was how was he going to beat Lethal with the House Of Truth members J. Diesel and Truth Martini at ringside? Nevertheless, he came to ringside and he got into the fight which started early when El patron superkicked J. Diesel out of the ring. He then knocked Jay Lethal out of the ring where he pulverized him throwing him against the security barriers over and over again.

roh 2Once the two wrestlers made it back into the ring, it was a completely different story as Jay Lethal was able to grab control of the advantage. For the most part he held onto the advantage for most of the match and he certainly had some help from his House Of Truth comrades on the outside. A couple of times in the match, it looked like El Paton was going to have a shot at stealing the advantage, but Lethal was quick to cut him off before he could really get started. At one point in the match, Alberto slapped on the cross arm breaker on to Truth Martini who found himself in a bad spot in the ring. Lethal tried to dive onto El Patron, but El Patron blocked it and slapped on the cross arm breaker onto him. Lethal was able to get himself out of it by hitting El Patron with the book of truth which the ref didn’t see. After getting hit with the book for a second time, Lethal nailed the lethal injection and pinned El Patron for the 1-2-3 and the win. Lethal retains the TV title once again at ROH 13.