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wrestlemania 6For today’s Countdown To Wrestlemania 31 match, We are traveling back to Wrestlemania VI which took place at the Toronto Sky Dome and we are once again in the tag tea division. I wanted to use a match that involved my all time favorite tag team in Demolition since The Ascension mentioned that they were better than them. Demolition were challenging the massive tag team of Haku and André the Giant who were also managed by Bobby “The Brain” Heenan. It was a chance for Demolition to capture the titles for a third time which would be a three peat at Wrestlemania as they won at Wrestlemania IV and V. Before Demolition had a chance to breathe n the ring afte taking some of their gear off, Haku and André the Giant went to work early.

Demolition DecapitationIt wouldn’t be long though until Demolition had the advantage over poor Haku who took quite the beating from both Axe and Smash. Thanks to some outside interference from André the Giant, Haku would finally regain the advantage. While he had Axe in his corner, Haku combined his skill set of Martial Arts with some wrestling after hitting an impressive thrust kick. After holding the advantage for a while, Haku never tagged André into the ring so being in there too long caught up with him as Axe was able to create enough seprartion to tag in Smash who went to town. At one point, André tried to interfere, but while he was holding Smash, Haku went for a kick and instead he hit André who ended up getting tangled in the ropes allowing Demolition to hit their patent Demolition Decapitation and the pinfall to become the new Tag Team Champions. I heard one of the reasons André was never tagged into the match was because he was in real bad shape at this point in his career. It was a real shame because André was a legend in the sport and he will always be the original Giant in the WWE.