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The UndertakerYou can’t have a countdown to any type of WrestleMania without having one of the 21 matches in The Undertaker’s old WrestleMania streak that he won. So, while we wait to see whether The Undertaker accepts Bray Wyatt’s challenge, we are going to check out the match that started the streak as The Undertaker took on the legend “Superfly” Jimmy Snuka at WrestleMania VII which took place from the Los Angeles Memorial Sports Arena. The Undertaker immediately started the match on the offensive, delivering everything but the kitchen sink at Snuka. After being dominated for most of the match, Snuka tried to fight back with some chops and punches, but The Undertaker was just too good and moved out of the way when Snuka went for a cross body seeing Snuka land on the ropes and on the outside. When he came back into the ring, The Undertaker hit the Tombstone Piledriver and the pinfall victory to go 1-0 at Wrestlemania. Don’t worry Taker fans, this is not the last time you’ll see the deadman on the countdown.