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wrestlemania 8While Bray Wyatt waits to hear back from The Undertaker on whether the two will face at WrestleMania 31, I figured I would give you guys a match that is somewhat connected to Wyatt. You see by WrestleMania VIII, Bray Wyatt’s dad Mike Rotunda was going by the name I.R.S. Irwin R. Schyster and he was in the tag team Money Inc. with The Million Dollar Man Ted DiBiase and they were the tag team champions. They were defending their titles against  the massive team of The Natural Disasters (Earthquake and Typhoon) at WrestleMania VIII from The Hoosier Dome in Indiana. The question going into the match was how were Money Inc. going to make up the size difference as both members of the Natural Disasters outweighed them 846lbs to 498lbs.   Earthquake used his size to his advantage right from the get go as Ted DiBiase tried to lock up with the big man unsuccessfully. The duo was manhandled by Earthquake who was nailing the both of them with clotheslines.

typhoonEven with Irwin in the ring, he was still getting dominated by Earthquake and then Typhoon after the tag was made. Eventually, Money Inc. would get their chance when DiBiase moved out of the way of the ropes when Typhoon was coming in to smash him seeing the big man hit the outside. The duo would dominate Typhoon smartly with double teams whenever they could and they kept the big man grounded. Eventually, Earthquake would get the tag and he would clean house sending DiBiase to the outside and poor IRS was in the middle of the ring. Unfortunately for The Natural Disasters, Jimmy Hart and Ted would pull I.R.S. out of the ring before Earthquake could nail the Earthquake splash. Then the Tag Team Champions would walk out on the match causing The Natural Disasters to win by Count Out, but Money Inc. retained the titles.