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alundraI know that some of you are going to disagree with today’s choice for a Countdown To WrestleMania 31 match, but there is a logical reason behind my choice. I know there was some great matches at WrestleMania X that I could have chosen, but I wanted to have a match to honor last week’s announcement for the WWE Hall Of Fame. Debrah Miceli a.k.a Medusa a.k.a Alundra Blaze was announced as the latest inductee and WrestleMania X was the only WrestleMania she competed in. At WrestleMania X, she was the WWF Women’s Champion and she was taking on Leilani Kai who was at one time trained by the legendary Fabulous Moolah. During the match, Leilani tried using her size to her advantage while Alundra was using her quickness to her advantage, but for the most part Leilani dominated the match with some brute force. That wouldn’t keep Alundra down for long as she came back fighting eventually hitting a German suplex into a pin for the win retaining her WWF Women’s Championship. This was kind of a signficant match for the WWE because a woman hadn’t wrestled on a WrestleMania card since WrestleMania 2 and this night saw these two competitors and Luna Vachon compete.