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wrestling the curseWhen you think of WCCW (World Class Championship Wrestling) or the term Texas Wrestling, there is one family that is synonymous with those terms. That family that I am talking about of course is the iconic Von Erich family whose story is marred by tragedy as much as it is triumph. The family that was so iconic in the world of professional wrestling or sports entertainment as it is known today faced a tragedy that would have destroyed many when Fritz Von Erich had to sit back and see the death of four of his five sons. This exclusive ESPN 30 For 30 Short that was directed by Amanda Spain (In Their Boots) takes a look at the family’s story as told by legendary wrestling journalist Bill Apter and the only remaining living member of the Von Erich clan in Kevin Von Erich.

kevin von erichIf you have never seen the 30 For 30 series that ESPN produces then you are truly missing out on some great programming. It is truly some of the best documentaries that are out there and this one even though it’s 16 minutes in length is amazing as well. It was sad to see the actual story of what happened to each brother as told by the only surviving member in Kevin. The family was made up of the patriarch Fritz Von Erich and his sons Kevin, David, Mike, Chris, and Kerry Von Erich and they were some of the best wrestlers that were around. It was great to see that Kevin is doing alright for himself as he is living in Hawaii and he’s been able to prosper with his family. His sons Marshall and Ross are currently continuing the family name and they are keeping it alive. So, even though the story can be a little sad for most of this doc, there is a happy ending at the end of it. I definitely recommend this to any fan of wrestling past, present, and future. I am giving the documentary an A for a final grade.