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piper-goldustBefore Cody Rhodes ever thought of being the bizarre one n the Rhodes family, Dustin had him beat when he was the bizarre one Goldust. At WrestleMania 12, Goldust along with his beautiful wife and manager Marlena were getting on the nerves of the Hot Rod Rowdy Roddy Piper who was the interim president of the WWE at the time. He claimed that he was going to make a man out of the bizarre one in a Hollywood Back Lot brawl at WrestleMania XII which was at the Arrowhead Pond in Anaheim, California. Piper was waiting in the back lot for Goldust and when Goldust finally arrived in his Gold Caddy, Piper took a baseball bat and did a number on the vehicle forcing Goldust to exit the other side. Piper would go on to lay the smackdown on Goldust using anything he could get his hands on. He even started to use the firehouse on Goldust who was in pretty bad shape.

031_WM12_03311996_0617Goldust would hit Roddy with a low blow that allowed him some time to climb back into his car. As he started to drive away, Piper got in the way and Goldust hit him. So, Piper climbed into his white Ford Bronco and chased after Goldust. The funny thing is that the OJ Simpson trial was huge at the time so they used what  think was stock footage of the white Bronco. The two finally made it to the arena and Piper would chase Goldust all over the arena until the two made it to the ring. At first, when the two made it to the ring, Goldust took the advantage by attacking the injured knee of Piper. Goldust was really playing it up in the ring any chance he could as he would puts his hands on Piper’s but or when he Piper down on the mat, he would rub hs chest and try to kiss him. Piper would finally get angry and even after Goldust kissed him right on the lips ad from that point on Piper brought him to the woodshed. I’m not sure how Piper won the match, but he basically stripped Goldust down to his g-string outfit and Goldust basically ran away with Marlena. Besides the Iron Man Match and Diesel’s showdown with The Undertaker, this was a definite highlight of WrestleMania XII.