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wwf wrestlemania 14 taka michinoku vs aguilaIf there was one thing that WCW did right better than the WWE, it was building up their cruiserweight division which it was called light heavyweight division in the WWE. Nevertheless, the WWE at one time did have a light heavyweight division and at WrestleMania XIV which hailed from The Fleetcenter in Boston, MA, the title was defended. Taka Michinoku was the WWF Light Heavyweight Champion at the time and he defended his title against Aguila (who later became Essa Rios). The action was high flying in this match as both men were capable of incredible moves like the asai moonsault Aguila hit on Taka right from the get go on the outside of the ring. Aguila’s advantage wouldn’t last long as Taka was able to reverse a suplex from the apron turning it into a springboard crossbody. After going back and forth, Taka was able to nail a power-bomb reversal and then his patented Michinoku driver for the win. This was the only time that the WWF Light Heavyweight Championship was defended at WrestleMania, but it’s successor the Cruiserweight title would be. I didn’t choose the Austin/Michaels match this time because I had used the two the previous two days.