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wm15I wanted to have at least one match from a WrestleMania that featured the late Owen Hart in it. I realized today that WrestleMania XV was Owen Hart’s last WrestleMania before his tragic death two months later. The event was held at The First Union Center in Philadelphia and saw Owen Hart and Jeff Jarrett defend their WWF Tag Team Championships against D’Lo Brown and Test. Earlier in the night, Test and D’Lo won a 21 man battle royal to earn a shot for the tag team championships. The only question was how were these guys going to get along considering they had never teamed up before. The match started with Jeff Jarrett and D’Lo trying to out wrestle one another with running maneuvers, but they would ultimately tag in their partners which quickly saw Test hot a pump-handle slam on Owen. He tried to hit the maneuver once again, but Owen wasn’t going to let it happen twice as he would hit Test with an enziguiri which he followed up with a sharp shooter. The sharpshooter was broken up by D’Lo who came to the rescue of his partner.

wm 15D’Lo and Test would dominate most of the match from that point on hitting mostly power maneuvers and D’Lo almost won the match with his patented sky high, but no dice. To help out her team and her man, Debra climbed up on the apron to distract referee Jimmy Korderas and it worked distracting D’Lo as well, but Ivory was quick to pull Debra down. Thanks to that action PMS (Terri Runnels and Jacqueline Moore) came down to ringside and all the women began to argue with one another distracting Test who was trying to break up the fight. Meanwhile in the ring, Owen Hart was able to hit a missile dropkick allowing his partner Jeff Jarrett to roll him up D’Lo Brown for a pin and for the win. It’s sad to know that this was the last WrestleMania to feature Owen Hart who by the way was the only member of the Hart Family to remain in the WWF at the time. WrestleMania XV would also mark the last appearance ever of Gorilla Monsoon who would later pass away as well.