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triangle-ladder-matchThere were just too many names to list for a title when it came to the first ever Triangle tag team ladder match in WrestleMania history. When you think of Attitude Era WrestleMania’s, their is one match that is synonymous with it and that is the Triangle ladder matches that The Dudley Boyz, Edge & Christian, and The Hardy Boyz participated in withe first match coming from The Arrowhead Pond in Anaheim at WrestleMania 2000 (or WrestleMania 16). All three of these teams were hungry to create their own WrestleMania moments that were sure to steal the show at an otherwise uneventful WrestleMania.

tlc 1These guys went through hell and back in the first ever triangle tag team ladder match like seeing Edge spear Jeff Hardy off of a ladder or seeing the Dudley Boys deliver consecutive 3D’s to both Edge and Christian or seeing them bring in tables with Bubba power-bombing Matt through a table while Devon splashed Jeff through another.  The match was considered career suicide, but all of the teams wanted to prove that they belonged in the WWE and that this was the best tag team action the company had to offer. At one point in the match, Jeff had delivered a swanton bomb to Bubba through a table while Matt climbed the ladder alongside both Edge & Christian. As they were climbing, Christian pushed Matt off the ladder and into a table allowing them the chance to grab the Championships for their first title reign. This wowed the crowd so much that night that they brought it back the following year dubbing it TLC 2.