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wmxixOnce again on The Countdown To WrestleMania 31 which at this point is only 12 days away, we have another match that features Mr. WrestleMania himself Shawn Michaels. This time we are travelling to WrestleMania XIX which took place from Safeco Field in Seattle as Shawn took on Y2J Chris Jericho in what would be an epic match. The two competitors were the best two wrestlers and performers in the business at the time, so it was interesting to see how the match was going to turn out. The feud all started when Jericho claimed that Michaels was washed up and a has been on an episode of Raw. That same night, he walked straight into a superkick. Later on at The Royal Rumble, Jericho eliminated Michaels only to see Michaels return later on to help eliminate Jericho. Because of this, both men agreed to fight at WrestleMania XIX.

hbkBoth men were trying to one up the other which Shawn was doing a good job in the beginning of doing. Jericho was trying to his best to get the best of Shawn in the beginning, but the veteran Michaels was just too good. After a roll over reversal, Jericho finally grabbed the advantage and started bringing it to Michaels slamming him into the turnbuckles and some piercing knife edge chops. As the match continued, they continued to try and out do each other as far as moves were concerned. Jericho tried to throw Michaels over the ropes, but Shawn would attempt to skin the cat. While he was doing it, Jericho came over to him, but Shawn slapped on the head scissors and launhed him over the ropes to the outside. Then Shawn skinned the cat and then sling shotted on top of Jericho on the outside. Later into the match, Michaels tried to hit Sweet Chin Music, but Jericho countered it and locked in the walls of Jericho. After Michaels was able to escape the walls, Jericho tried to hit a suplex, but Michaels reversed it into a roll up that got him the pinfall victory. After the match, Shawn extended his hand out to Jericho, but Jericho hugged him instead. After they were done hugging, Jericho kicked Michaels right in the you know what.

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