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wm21For today’s Countdown To WrestleMania match, I wanted to choose a match that was a little different than most matches the event has ever held. We’ve seen the WWE host boxing matches at WrestleMania, but never before had their been a Sumo match at the event. Well at WrestleMania 21, which was the first to be held at The Staples Center in Los Angeles, held the first ever one that saw The Big Show take on world renowned sumo champion Akebono Tarō. The rules to a sumo match are simple, throw your opponent out of the ring or knock him off his feet and you win. One of the amazing facts in this match is that there was half a ton in the ring and before they went at it, each was playing mind games with the other. Once they went, it was like seeing two bulls collide as each man tried to thrust and use their power to knock the other off their feet. At one point, The Big Show lifted Akebono off his feet, but when he brought him down, Akebono used Show’s momentum to throw him out of the circle. Akebono was the winner of the match.