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batista-umagaToday’s Countdown To WrestleMania match features a wrestler I feel was taken away from us too soon taking on one whose comeback last year was filled with boos. Back in the time of WrestleMania 24 and some of the ones before it, they all featured some sort of inter-promotional match whether it be a singles match or a battle royal, it was always Raw Vs Smackdown as both brands were separated and featured their own rosters. At WrestleMania 24 from the Citrus Bowl in Orlando, Raw’s Umaga took on Smackdown’s Batista in the match for brand supremacy. Umaga had lost the battle of the billionaires match at the previous WrestleMania so he was looking for some redemption while Batista was a victim of The Undertakers infamous WrestleMania win streak at the previous WrestleMania. What always made me laugh was the fact that Raw GM at the time William Regal always called him Umanga instead of Umaga (who was always my favorite wrestler at the time).

batistaYou knew that the match was going to be pretty and that a lot of power moves were going to be used as these monstrous men were going to collide. Batista was able to avoid a splash in the corner to open the match with Umaga and he followed it by ramming his shoulder into Umaga sending him to the outside. It wouldn’t be long though until Umaga was firmly in control as a spinning heel kick and a kick to the face sent Batista to the outside. Umaga would take the advantage and he would begin to work on the injured back of Batista as he tried to wear the big man down with kicks to the back, slamming him into the turnbuckles, and a nerve hold. No matter what Batista tried, Umaga was always there to counter especially using his Samoan drop. The turning point of the match came when Umaga tried to hit the Samoan spike which was blocked by Batista and followed by a Spinebuster. Batista would then proceed to hit the Batista bomb which led to the pinfall victory.